Border crossings on the Silk Road

Border crossings on the Silk Road have a tendency to close unexpectedly and be located on some snowy mountain pass. Overlanders can use the below map and list of country guides to decide on their Silk Road itinerary.

Please understand that this guide is an indication. However hard we try to keep up to date with recent developments, we cannot guarantee that a certain border crossing will be open or closed.

Border crossings legend

Green: open
Yellow: open, conditionally
Red: closed
Azure: Bilateral border crossing: only for residents of the 2 countries of the border crossing.
Purple: not enough information


A word about bribes at the border. There is some chance that you will be asked for a bribe at the border crossing, mostly in Tajikistan, and that you make a legitimate offence in Uzbekistan. Be sure to read these chapters. At other borders, there is little chance of being asked for money illegitimately. Should you run into trouble, it is wise to stay polite and act like you have no idea what they are talking about. They will eventually tire of you and let you go.

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