Border crossings in Central Asia

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Border crossings in Central Asia have a tendency to close unexpectedly and be located on a snowy mountain pass. Use the below map and guide to decide on your route through Central Asia. Please understand that this guide is an indication. However hard we try to keep up to date with recent developments, we cannot guarantee that a certain border crossing will be open or closed.

Border crossings legend

Green: no problem
Yellow: possible problems
Red: closed
Azure: Bilateral border crossing: only for residents of the 2 countries of the border crossing.
Purple: not enough information
Blue: other border crossings on the Silk road. Not researched and updated.


A word about bribes at the border. There is little chance that you will be asked for a bribe at the border crossing, be it a small one or a major one, if you haven’t done anything wrong. Border officials are generally not targeting tourists for bribes, they are looking more for illegal immigrants or workers from inside the region. Should you happen to run into trouble anyway, it is wise to stay polite and act like you have no idea what they are talking about. They will eventually tire of you and let you go.

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  1. Hello
    I am traveling by bike from Vienna to Vladivostok.
    Because of troubles in the Pamir Region I had to turn back in direction Dushanbe. I tried to get to Kirgistan through the boarder at Karamyk. This boardercrossing is still closed for international travelers. Open only for Lokals!
    Information is from May 30th 2014.
    Maybe you put it on your map…

    • Euhm…it’s been on the map like that for Ages, also on the Tajik and Kyrgyz border crossing pages. You must have gotten some bad info on LP Forum or something…

  2. Border crossing between Dashoguz (Turkmenistan) and Shovot (Uzbekistan) is now closed.

    • Where did you get this information? According to my information, it is still open.

      • Stevan how can i get out frm afghanistan to europe

        • This is a really sad topic. Many people from poor countries or countries in war want to come to Europe. They have to pay 1000′s of dollars to people smugglers, many die on the way. If you make it to Europe, there is a small chance you might stay. Either they send you away immediately, or you will be locked up in a detention center for many years, until they decide if you can stay. If they decide you cannot stay after all, they will send you back to Afghanistan. If you can stay after all, you will meet with a lot of racism; about 1/4 of Europeans votes for an openly racist party. I understand being born in Afghanistan is a terrible fate. Coming to Europe as an Afghan is very difficult, just like living in Afghanistan.

      • According to satelite images on Google Maps is closed.

        • I wouldn’t trust Google Maps on this topic, it’s not up to date.

    • went through this border yesterday. had to pay bribe of $20 as our paperwork said exit from turkmenistan- Konye URGENCH, BUT ROAD WAS TOO BAD, S

  3. The border between Russia and Georgia is opened for all people. It is difficult to hitch hike because you need to cross the border in a car or bus, so none want to take the risk to cross with a traveller.. It is not possible to cross walking, only that.. There are buses going from Yerevan and Tbilisi to Vladikavkaz and other cities in the south of Russia (I took this one some weeks ago).

    • you mean the Kazbegi tunnel? If not that one, which one? Thx

      • I have no idea what you are talking about, sorry. Please be more specific.

  4. Hi, Do someone know if we can take an other port of entry as the one on the visa of Tadjikistan? And if it’s possible to cross the border from kirghystan to tadjikistan near Batken with my bike.
    Thanks see you

    • Point of entry is not on your visa, so no problem. Yes, you can cycle across borders AFAIK in Tajikistan.

  5. The boarder crossing from kirgistan to kasachstan at the karakara valley is now open since 1 week.
    Save travel, very good and helpful information.
    Thanks, Michael

  6. Hey Steven, I know this is a bit out of date but I tried Bekobad around this time last year and they sent me up to Oybek (which was itself pretty painless).

    • Er, in Uzbek to Tajik that is.

  7. may 2013, jalalabad- khanabat border uzb to kyrgyz was closed, had to deviate to Osh

  8. Train 108KJ goes directly from Kiev to Astana every Friday. According to Deutsche Bahn’s timetable, the border crossings are Topoli (Ukraine/Russia), Ozinki (Russia/Kazakhstan), Ileck (Kazakhstan/Russia) and Tobol (Russia/Kazakhstan). Does anybody know if they are open for foreigners?

    • Hi Thorsten,

      I believe this should be no problem. All nationalities can get on international trains in Russia – KZ -Ukraine.

  9. Hi, I´ve crossed the borders between Georgia and Armenia last October by car.
    1. From Marneuli, Georgia to Vanadzor Armenia.
    2. From Gyumri, Armenia to Ninotsminda Georgia.
    Also the borders from Georgia to Azerbaijan
    1. From Rustavi, Georgia to Qaza Azerbaijan
    2. From Balaken, Azerbaijan to Lagodekhi Georgia
    And from Armenia to Nagorno Karabagh
    1. From Goris to Stepanakert and back