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If you are in need of a visa or LOI, the visa page will satisfy you.

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If you have editorial questions, want to write for Caravanistan or are looking for an interview, mail to [email protected]

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Regarding questions and updates via e-mail…

If you have an update for the website, you are welcome to send it in via e-mail if you do not feel like registering on the forum. My address is [email protected]

If you have a question about travel on the Silk Road, please post it on the forum. I answer questions there, other Silk Road travelers add their wisdom, and your question thus becomes a helpful source of information for travelers both present and future. If you feel your question is too personal for a public forum, you can still send it via e-mail. If you cannot access the forum, you are also welcome to contact me.

If you have a larger set of questions, or if you want help planning your trip, please send me a message requesting a private travel planning consultation, and then we can discuss your itinerary either via skype or e-mail, as you prefer. This costs money. As someone with a somewhat Marxist/anarchist/utopian ideology, I am as sad as you are to have become so “disappointingly commercial”, as one person put it.

However, to keep this website up to date and ever-expanding, I need time to work on it – time I am not using when answering questions by private e-mail. I also need some money to keep my body nourished, put a roof over my head, and fund my travel habit (don’t worry, I am not staying in the Hilton). I also need to pay for software, hardware and hosting. I love to help travelers, but I have to put limits somewhere. Once again, I can answer your question on the forum if you prefer not to pay.

Having said all this, I do still honestly look forward to reading your message!


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