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  1. Tenesor says

    Hola my name is Tenesor I am from Spain and I am planing or wanting to do this trip staring next year around April it’s the idea, well starting from Austria were I will be by then, so to the point; the whole dream is starting in Austria by push bike then slovenia, hungary, slovakia, ukraine?? I know now is tough times so ?? in ukraine if happend back to hungary, romania, moldova, back in romania, bulgaria (here maybe take a ferry all the way to georgia but it is not being decide yet probably during the way I will decide) after georgia and armenia then azerbaijan or iran, azerbaijan through georgia towards baku for visas purposes or skip azerbaijan and continue all the way to tehran from armenia??whats the best city/visa procedures you could recommend, affordable, etc?? to Turkmenistan, uzbekistan, tajikistan, kyrgyzstan, kazakhstan, china, mongolia do you recommend me to do one or two countries at the time?? like turkmenistan and uzbekistan in azerbiajan then tajikistan and kyrg in uzbekistan then mongolia and chine and on and on.
    Once all this countries have being visited the whole crazyness is to cross over to alaska from Bering straight which i think for me in a bike chances are none so people online mention the best way is to get a ship from Korea or japan but I really like the idea of the Bering straight is my dream could you tell me some info about this or guided me or something?? :)
    I hope you could find the time to write back to me, I imagine from your website that you are super busy so I would understand if it is not right away, but I really look forward to see what you have to say about this. thank you.

  2. says

    If read your site when I was planning my trip so I thought I’d send you a message now that I’m going through these areas. I’m American and got a Kazakhstan visa in Urumqi for 20 dollars, it took 2 days. Kyrgyzstan visa is now free on arrival (not sure how long that’ll last but it’s great!), Tajikistan visa 75 dollars in Bishkek in 5 minutes after giving the very nice lady your paperwork and Uzbek, well, not sure on that one yet. Dropped it off in Almaty, hope to pick it up tomorrow but we’ll see. Thanks for the great site, it’s been a lot of help.

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