Understanding the visa process

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Understanding the visa process

Postby kray16 » Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:33 pm

Dear S & S

I'm an Indian national, resident currently in India and I'm planning to visit Iran for 7-10 days in the near future. A friend of a friend is my Iranian host and she's happy to send me an invitation letter if required. I wanted to initially understand the visa process before committing myself to an application - and hope you can tolerate this post. Please correct me if anything I've understood is inaccurate.

I've understood the need to have a code before I apply for my Visa sticker at the local Iranian embassy here in India. My questions:

1. Is it very hard or troublesome for a resident Iranian to apply and get this code?

2. Assuming it is, when can I apply through Caravanistan for the code if I intend to travel in the first week of June?

3. I noticed the new evisa site - it seems to be working (At least the first page is!). I presume the site generates the same code that I referred to above - so I'd then have to take that code and reference it when applying for the visa sticker.

4. Lastly - the Israel Q - what is your experience with Israel-returned travellers visiting Iran? I visited Israel in Feb 2016 (when I was in the US for my graduate studies) and have an expired single-entry Israeli visa on my passport. I'm guessing that info is not required when applying for the code - and will only become relevant when going to the embassy for the visa sticker. My internet research on how big a dealbreaker this could be is inconclusive - some say it is, other sites say it is not, there's some opinion that a 1+ year old expired Israeli visa is tolerated, especially for applicants from non-western countries.

Thanks for your time!
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Re: Understanding the visa process

Postby steven » Fri Mar 10, 2017 6:51 am

1. I don't know. We deal with tourist visas, this means the invitation is sent by a tour company. I do not know what kind of visa you will get if you are invited by a local or how the process works in that case.

2. Yes. --> http://caravanistan.com/visa/iran/visa- ... nvitation/

3. Yes, but we are not sure if it works. See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2464&start=10 for updates.

4. As per my info, all travelers with proof of visiting Israel in their passport will be refused.
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