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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Postby olmo » Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:13 pm

Got ours Visas in Dushanbe in July with code from key2persia (via caravanistan).

Two German passports.
Documents: the usual, passport copy, 2 pictures, plus invitation code letter printout was helpful.
Took 2+1 days, but we heard others had more luck, applied in the morning and picked up same afternoon.
Price 75 Euros each. Not sure if there is still a cheaper "slow" option, but it certainly was not offered and we did not request any express.

Friday: Filled out application form, guy speaks only Russian, asked us to come back Monday. Said only one invitation code had arrived, but we got a strong feeling they just didn't want to bother on a Friday. Could have been more insistent but we had time.

Monday: Arrived around 9am, were told the Consul was out and to come back later (but both invitations were there now, though we had also asked key2persia to have them sent again). Left our phone number. Got a call back around 11am. Handed everything in, at 11:35 we had our bank slips and 25 minutes to make it there and back, or come back tomorrow. Bank is about 2k away, price was 75 Euros - they do convert USD or TJS at almost the official rate, so no problem whatever currency you have. Managed to make it just in time - sweaty and breathless, we even got a first smile back o). Visas should be ready tomorrow, and we were promised a call when ready.

Tuesday: Got a call at about 5.30pm to pick up our visas. 30 days within 3 months as expected.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Postby coreyon2wheels » Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:42 pm

One day processing.
90 EUR for Hong Kong passport.
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