Pamir mountain maps

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This page reviews maps for climbing and hiking in Pamir. For road maps and larger overview maps, see Tajikistan road maps. The following links take you to an overview of Fann mountains maps and Wakhan valley maps.

It’s necessary to repeat here that there are no maps of Tajikistan in Tajikistan, and if there are, they are definitely not in English. Only Almaty and Bishkek have reliable map stores.

We don’t own any of the maps here, so we can only judge by our general knowledge of publishers: Gecko’s is highly trusted, West Col is unknown to us, but the map has the same author as the well-known EWP maps.

Pik Lenin map by Gecko’s

  • Scale:1:100,000
  • Size Folded:11.5x25cm
  • Size:90x66cm

pik-lenin-mapLenin Peak, or Abuali ibni Sino (TJ) and Lenin Chokusu (KY), in the Pamir Mountains at 1:100,000 on a detailed topographic map from Gecko Maps with coverage extending along the Tajikistan/ Kyrgyzstan/border from the Dzerzhinsky Peak in the west to the Eastern Sunrise Peak on the Chinese border.

In the north the map stretches beyond the Kyzyl Suu River to include the settlements of Sary Mogol, Taldy Suu and Sary Tash; coverage south extends to the Bactrian Camel Peak, Karajulga Rover and Uy Butok Pass.

The map has contours at 40m intervals and numerous spot heights and names of peaks and passes, enhanced by shading plus colouring for glaciers. Climbing routes and base camps are highlighted. Map legend is in English.

This is an updated 2011 edition.

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West Col Pamir Trans-Alai mountains map

  • Scale:1:200,000
  • Size:91x63cm

Detailed map of the Pamir Mountains in north-eastern Tajikistan and the border region of Kyrgyzstan. The map is centred on Pik Komunizma and extends eastwards to include Pik Lenina and south to Pik Revolutsii. Contour interval is 100 metres.

The map shows towns and villages, roads, tracks, footpaths, nomad camps, mines, fuel depots, as well as rivers, different types of rock formation, glaciers, etc. Drawings of Pik Kominuzma and Pik Lenina show climbing routes. The map also includes a general description of the area, descriptions of main routes, useful Tajik and Russian words, etc.

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