Silk road maps

The Ancient Silk Roads were a network of trade routes connecting the eastern and western shores of Eurasia through the large landmass of Central Asia. Many intelligent academics have tried to chart these roads, and put them online in a variety of dynamic maps. If you are one of these people who still likes to hold things in their hands, we recommend the Odyssey Silk Road map. It costs money, but it’s a great resource.

Online Silk road maps

Silk Road Seattle’s Silk Road atlas has comprehensive maps of cultures, empires, cities, travellers’ routes and physical geography of the Silk Road. It’s basically all you need, but it lacks the actual trade routes.

ECAI’s Silk Road atlas has absolutely everything you would want to know about the Silk Road in map format, but it’s difficult to navigate. I personally am not smart enough to read these maps.

Lastly, the Silk Road foundation has insightful maps of trade routes and civilizations. Click on maps in the sidebar navigation.

Odyssey Silk Road map

  • Size Folded:12x25cm
  • Size:69x99cm
silk-road-map-odysseyThe Ancient Silk Road Map from Odyssey Books, combines four separate maps with descriptions of 65 locations along the whole course of the route: from Europe, across Asia, to China and beyond. The four map panels present:The whole route from Europe (Venice and Rome by sea, Durres and western Russia by land) to China and beyond it to Korea and Japan. The map also shows the approximate route of Zheng He’s last expedition reaching Hormuz, plus Magellan’s route across Indonesia.Three enlargements show in more detail: the routes across China, extending west to Peshawar and the Khyber Pass; the routes across central Asia, from Tehran and the Caspian Sea to Kashgar and Almaty; the routes across Middle East from the Aegean coast and Byzantium to Tehran and Baku.

All four maps are cross-referenced to the 65 descriptions of main locations along the Silk Route. Also provided are numerous colour photos, plus satellite images of the Bosphorus, Tien Shan and the Turfan (Turpan) Depression.

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