Uzbekistan travel budget

How much money do you need to travel in Uzbekistan? It depends, of course, but despite widespread poverty, Uzbekistan is not a cheap country to travel in, mostly because of the restrictive registration requirements.

Cheap accommodation is difficult to find. Trains and buses are reasonable value for money. Food on the market is great, but in the restaurants in the tourist cities, prices are high.

Sightseeing in the touristy areas is expensive, and you could be charged several times in places like Khiva: once for entering the old town, again for photo permission, a third time for a special mosque. It adds up in the end.

So how much would a 3-week travel in Uzbekistan cost me then? Let’s break it down further according to the budget of 3 traveler types. You can learn more about their trip on the overview page.

Starvin’ Marvin

Marvin is cycling through Uzbekistan. He pitches his tent most nights, and finds a few inexpensive b&b’s (20$) to stay in the big cities. He buys his food on the market, occasionally splurging on a delicious-looking plov (3$).

starvin marvinCosts

Visa                                    75$

Transport                            0$

Accommodation              80$

Food                                 200$

Tours and sights                0$

Souvenirs                            0$

+ ______________________________

Total                                355$

Eco Emilio

Emilio visits Tashkent, Samarkand, Nukus and Bokhara by train and shared taxi, where he visits the main sights and museums. He visits a little ecotourism project off the beaten track. He cannot resist a daily watermelon and plov (3$). He buys a scarf for his mom (5$). He stays in b&b’s and Soviet-era hotels (25$).

Eco EmilioCosts

Visa                                    75$

Transport                       200$

Accommodation           400$

Food                                250$

Tours and sights            50$

Souvenirs                           3$

+ ______________________________

Total                               978$

Cultured Katja

Visiting the cities of the Silk Road, Katja always takes a local guide (40$) to guide her around for the day. She takes a plane from Tashkent to Khiva (75$) to cut travel time. In Bokhara she buys an ikat weaving. She stays in boutique hotels and cosy b&b’s (80$). In the evenings, she eats in a touristy restaurant (25$).

culture katjaCosts

Visa                                    90$

Transport                       300$

Accommodation           800$

Food                                 450$

Tours and sights           250$

Souvenirs                         70$

+ ______________________________

Total                             1960$

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