Kazakhstan has everything you expect from a Central Asian nation: endless steppes, giant mountain chains, wild animals & rare plants, a crazy mishmash of nations and faces, religious beliefs and traditions, a stark divide between glitzy cities and traditional villages, Soviet disasters, etc. etc.

It’s a really interesting place. But beware, Kazakhstan is not an easy destination. It is a big country, and most of the truly interesting destinations are not easy to reach. It is more developed than its neighbors, and prices are higher.

For those explorers ready to make the plunge: Kazakhstan is yours.


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    This is such a great website!! Thank you so much for all of this information! You are right, it is so hard to find information about central asia. I’ve been living in Karaganda for 6 months now and thankfully I have local friends who’ve helped me out when I need to get around or when I just have questions. But this site is super helpful! I’ve done a little travel since I’ve been here but mostly just stayed in Karaganda. But I keep wanting to take weekend trips to different places. Now I have some good ideas! Your volunteer page was also awesome…I’ve been looking for a volunteer position here for awhile now and hopefully I can find something there. Wow I’m just so excited to find this site!

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    This is really an amazing post about Kazakh beauty nature. It made me remember my trip there, although I was only lucky to visit Almaty and the mountains nearby in my short 5 days transit visa. I will definitely have to come back in the future!

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