Tajikistan travel guide

Tajikistan’s Pamir mountains capture the imagination of travelers worldwide, but it is not an easy place to travel to. The roads are bad, the people are poor and the police corrupt.

Enveloped by a deep cold most of the year, the traveling season is short. It does not help that for the past 3 summers, armed conflict around Khorog has shut down access to the Pamir Highway. It’s a struggle for power between the Pamiri commanders and the capo’s from the capital, and we would not be surprised if it happens again this summer.

So come with a back-up plan.

Having said that, there are still plenty of reasons to come. The Roof of the World is a singular place – think Tibet without the Chinese, or Nepal without the Westerners. But Tajikistan is more than the Pamir alone. The rest of the country is less extreme in terms of panorama, but easier to access and equally scintillating to every nerve and brain cell in your body.

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