Turkmenistan travel guide

Turkmenistan, the North Korea of Central Asia, has a government as inhospitable as its deserts. Famously known for weirdness, from the marble capital of Ashgabat to the empty resorts at Awaza, the excitement of travel in Turkmenistan lives off an intoxicating mix of feelings: fun, scary, heartwarming, sad and ridiculous. Very ridiculous.

Desperately repressive and corrupt, the regime is no fan of photo-snapping tourists. Nevertheless, you can get in, and see what Turkmenistan has to offer. To really discover the country, you need to take time and a decent 4WD, which makes Turkmenistan an expensive destination.

But this way you can really experience the beauty of the country: feel super-welcome in remote desert villages, head into the remote green mountains, and discover the remote ruins of ancient civilizations.

Finally, you have reached your destination: somewhere really different.

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