Uzbekistan travel guide

Uzbekistan dazzles with its main attractions, the icons of the Silk Road at Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. For most foreigners, this is as far as tourism goes in the country, yet there is much more to see for those who venture off the tourist trail.

Take a dip into the countryside, go hunt for masters of craft or disappear deep into the heart of Karakalpakstan. You will not regret.

Uzbek culture is rich, warm and dynamic, and so different from the surrounding nomadic nations. You come for the plov, but stay for the melons. Or the apricots. Or the nuts. You get the point.


  1. says

    Hi Steven

    First of all – thanks for the great info you provide!

    We are two cyclists heading east from Switzerland. At the moment we are in Uzbekistan. We heard there are some stricter regulations on the registration slips… Do you know anything about that? A slip every 72 hours is possible with the bicycle but one every night is simply not doable!

    Thank you again!

    Nina and Tinu

    • says

      The rule is that you only have to register if you spend more than 72h in any city. But you will have to prove that, if they ask you on the border when you’re leaving Uzbekistan. Train/bus tickets may work as a proof. In your case it’s even easier – your bikes work as a proof since it’s clear that it’s impossible то spend every night in a hotel when you’re cycling. So, it’s actually possible to do the whole Uzbekistan trip without a single reg slip if you have a proof that you didn’t stay longer than three days in any city. Although I would still suggest to register a couple of times just to be safe.

  2. Jude says

    Hi, thanks so much for this amazing website. We are 2 touring cyclists heading to Europe from Australia. We are so excited about the Central Asian leg of our journey. It’s the region we are most looking forward to exploring and this website is a brilliant resource.


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