Azerbaijan visa

The Azerbaijan tourist visa is date-specific, meaning you have to enter after a set date and leave before the set expiry date. It is single or double entry, and valid for 30 days.

Rules for visa application change from embassy to embassy. Some require a letter of invitation (stamped and signed) from a licensed Azeri travel agency, some nothing at all, some hotel bookings (you can cancel later) and others a special MFA approved, mega-expensive LOI (100$ to 250$ for express service). See the embassy reports for more details.

Prices are also variable: between 40 – 100$ in embassies. A letter of invitation usually costs 60$. You can contact a reliable Azerbaijan travel agency through our contact form to get an Azeri LOI.

Furthermore you will need:

  • application form
  • two passport size (3×4 cm) photos
  • your passport (with at least 6 months after the expiry date of the Azerbaijani visa)


A law exists saying that travelers need to be registered within 3 days of their arrival in Azerbaijan. In the past, this was not enforced. Now, however, it is, although the timeframe has been loosened to 10 days. Read all about it: Registration in Azerbaijan.

Transit visa and visa on arrival
Embassy reports
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  1. Edward says

    Visited the Azeri Consulate in Batumi and got the visa in 1 hour with no LOI needed. I needed to push the consul to issue it on the same day, he is puzzled as for why people think you can get it on the same day. Told him I had a friend who got it in a day and that if I cannot get it today, I would get it in Tbilisi instead.

    British citizen: 210 lari. 2 photos and visa application forms needed (can be obtained at embassy)

    P.s. I have a Hong Kong passport as well, he said I needed an LOI for my HK passport. Seems like the LOI is not needed for only EU and citizens of other wealthy nations.

  2. Jens Louis Valeur Jaques says

    Hello Steven,

    I made the mistake of not checking on the Visa situation before booking my flight back home from Baku on the 13. June 6 am. I have a nighttrain ticket from Tiblisi to Baku on the 11/12 june. It seems that I might be able to get a transit visa? What do you think, and if so, how would I do that? Im on my way to Georgia right now from Turkey, so im on the road. Any chance I could get a transit visa at border crossing to az?

    I do hope you have time to give some feed back… I desperately need it.

    Kind Regards

    Jens Louis

  3. Sa3m says

    Do you have any info about getting an Azeri transit visa in Bishkek?
    Thanks for this very helpful website.

  4. noelie says

    hi steven,

    we tried yesterday the consulate of azerbaijan in kars (turkey) to get a tourist visa. unfortunately we didn’t get one on the spot as the LOI was missing. a simple LOI issued by an approved travel agency would have been sufficient and we would have got our visa in 2/3 hours according to them. if you have an LOI of a private person you would need additionally an approval of the MFA. the problem was that they couldn’t provide us an address of an azeri approved travel agency in kars nor erzurum. we try now batumi and hope that we will arrive before the monthly quota is fulfilled…

    best noelie

  5. says

    Just picked the Azeri visa in Batumi. Hassle free!
    2 application forms (picked up at the Consul)
    2 photos
    2 copies of passport
    Picked the visa up the following working day. 30 day, single entry. 100GEL. Australian passport.

    • says

      Had similar experience there 2 weeks ago but couldn’t get a visa 2 months in advance. Hope he is still operating in 2 weeks, then I will update again on the article. Thanks for the post!

      • Pedro says

        Can u update pls? :) Im a portuguese citizen without embassy in my country. It’s a pain in the ass to get the visa travel independently. They confirmed me that in Tbilisi the rules changed and now only with MFA approval. I’m going to Georgia thinking about Batumi…(arriving 6 of june)

        • says

          wıll update tomorrow probably – go to batumı, got a vısa there yesterday wıthout loı – more ınfo tomorrow.

          • Pedro Padinha says

            How did it go? I’ll probably arrive around June 18th. Should I worry about the quotas?

  6. Mike says

    Tourist visa for New Zeland passport holder:
    Obtained invitation letter and voucher from the web-agency stated on this site, however the visa application was rejected intially, as the new consul requested approval from the Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (went back to the same agency, who charged USD250 for express service). Went back a second time with invitation from the ministry, and the 30-day tourist visa was issued on the spot for USD50. Emabssy opens officially at 1000-1200, and again 1500-1600, Mon-Fri. In actuality, the lady at the front desk arrives at 10, cleans up and makes herself a cup of tea, so really, it opens at about 1030. Then, she writes your name in a book, and asks you to wait under the bus stop-like shed outside, while she calls to consul. In actuality, she stares at her finger nails… Documents needed: photocopy of passport front page, application form filled out, the elusive invitation, 2 photos and money. There is a book the consuls refers for cost of the visa.

  7. Raz says

    Aahh the joys of visa applications! It is a lot easier with all this excellent information. But as I travelling West to East on bicycle -fixed date visas are a bit difficult for me to arrange. Everyone has advised me to organise as many visas as possible in advance but this is creating the risk of setting myself impossible time constraints and distances. Do you know anything about the reality of getting visas along the way in the country before. i.e Azerbaijan visa in georgia, kazakhstan visa in azerbaijan etc. I am a UK passport holder currently in İstanbul – so there’s lots of relevant embassies here but the dates are a problem.
    Thanks in advance.

    • says

      The dates are indeed a problem, sorry I can’t be of more use. It is simply difficult for cyclists, you will have to calculate. All recent info is on the site, sadly do not know anything more.

    • says

      Im also currently travelıng West to East on my bıcycle and I agree wıth Steven–the best way ıs to calculate the dates (thats how Im doıng ıt). Check out the vısa sectıon on my websıte. Im gettıng most vısas here ın Ankara.