Azerbaijan visa

The Azerbaijan tourist visa is date-specific, meaning you have to enter after a set date and leave before the set expiry date. It is single or double entry, and valid for 30 days.

Rules for visa application change from embassy to embassy. Some require a letter of invitation (stamped and signed) from a licensed Azeri travel agency, some nothing at all, some hotel bookings (you can cancel later) and others a special MFA approved, mega-expensive LOI (100$ to 250$ for express service). See the embassy reports for more details.

Prices are also variable: between 40 – 100$ in embassies. A letter of invitation usually costs 60$. You can contact a reliable Azerbaijan travel agency through our contact form to get an Azeri LOI.

Furthermore you will need:

  • application form
  • two passport size (3×4 cm) photos
  • your passport (with at least 6 months after the expiry date of the Azerbaijani visa)


A law exists saying that travelers need to be registered within 3 days of their arrival in Azerbaijan. In the past, this was not enforced. Now, however, it is, although the timeframe has been loosened to 10 days. Read all about it: Registration in Azerbaijan.

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