Chinese visa

Chinese visas have been much more difficult to come by in Central Asia since the Beijing Olympics and the unrest in Xinjiang province. If possible, get your Chinese visa in your home country. Many sites already explain the ins and outs of the Chinese visa, so I will not repeat them. But if you are on the road already, here is what you can expect.

Have a read through all this and decide where you want to try. Tehran is easy, but cyclists have to try harder to get their 3 + 3 months visas since July 2015. Bishkek used to be good, seemed to have turned sour in May 2015 but apparently back up and running since July 2015. Tashkent might be possible. Almaty was briefly possible but has finished once again. If you fail, flying to Hong Kong is the emergency exit. You can also try in Ulan Bator, but to get there (overland) you need a Russian visa, which is also difficult to get on the road. Ha!

Once you are in China, you can extend your visa: we have started an “extensions” paragraph for updates there.

Please remember, as the following article shows: rules change all the time!!

Getting a Chinese visa on the road

Astana and Almaty
Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan
Turkey, Iran, Caucasus, Russia
Hong Kong, Ulan Bator & Southeast Asia
Visa extensions in China
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