Kazakhstan visa

A Kazakh visa used to be date-specific, meaning it starts at the date you specify on your Kazakhstan visa application form, not when you enter the country. Now, things have changed.

Tourist visas now have a 90-day timeframe within which you can use your 30 days in-country (or 2×30 days). The 90 days start from the date you fill in on the form, not the date you receive the visa.

When entering the country over land or sea and staying longer than 5 days, you need to register within 5 days at the Migration Police.

Visa-free regime

Citizens of most countries still need a visa. However, more than a dozen countries already have a visa-free regime with Kazakhstan, including Hong Kong, Turkey, Serbia and Ecuador. See “list of countries” for the full list.

Kazakhstan has also dropped visa requirements for visitors from 10 countries for a one-year test period. From July 15, 2014 until July 15, 2015 citizens of the United States, the Netherlands, the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and Japan will be able to enter and stay in Kazakhstan without a visa for 15 days.

Beyond July 15, 2015, there has been no official statement from the government yet, but several authoritative sources, like the French ambassador to Kazakhstan (ru), have said the visa-free rule will be extended for another year.

Brazil was also in the list communicated, but the agreement has not been ratified yet, meaning no visa-free for Brazilians yet! South Korea and Argentina were also in this list, but have since signed more comprehensive visa-free agreements with Kazakhstan.

There is no limit to the amount of times you can go in and out of Kazakhstan visa-free.

Visa support and LOI (letter of invitation)

For a 1 month tourist visa, no letter of invitation is needed if you are a national of one of 47 countries with easy visa procedure (see countries list at the bottom of the article).

If you are not a national of one of these countries, or you want a different type of visa, you will need a letter of invitation (LOI) from a Kazakh tour operator.

You can contact a reliable travel agent based in Kazakhstan directly through our contact form to get started immediately with your visa support.

Visa types and duration
Embassy reports
Visa requirements
List of countries

Overstaying Kazakhstan visa

Overstaying your visa in Kazakhstan can result in heavy penalties. How much you will have to pay depends on your ability to talk yourself out of things and the mood of the border guards. Kazakh tourist visas can not be extended. If you want to stay longer in Kazakhstan, you will need to apply for a new visa in a neighbouring country.

Other visas

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  1. says

    May 2013 bishkek: swiss passport. Applied on thursday. They told me to hand in my passport and the proof of payment on monday. Could pick up the visa on tuesday evening.

  2. yoko says

    This site is very helpful. Thank you so much!

    I have a comment on registration. Although you said “All registrations are free and valid for three months”, I received 1-month valid registration certificate. (I have 90 days valid tourist visa with 3 entries)
    Some travel agencies adviced me to go to police station again when I re-enter this country after 30 days.

    • says

      Thanks for the response. Seems like things have changed again then. Will update soon. In any case, most likely they take your registration and you will have to go again.

  3. says

    Update on applying for Kazakh visa in Urumqi, China (May 2013):

    Process still the same as above. We were one UK passport holder and one Irish passport holder. Cost for our visas was 130 RMB each. Now the embassy is taking a bit longer to process tourist visas – seems that one week is now the norm. Applied Monday morning and told to return following Monday at 3pm. Not available any earlier.

    We got there before 9am. Big queues but knock on left hand side door after 9am and guard will let you in. A lady filled out and printed out the application form on the computer (40 RMB each). After that you’ll be shown through to another office where the consular staff check the application and give you an invoice for China Construction Bank and you have to exit the consulate and go to the bank (about 500 metres away, west across the park – near Xinjie building). Pay them there. Take receipt back and get it photocopied in the first room you entered and then bring all the papers back to the other office.

    We applied for a single entry, thirty day visa. Asked if a double entry was possible and was told no. Be careful to note the entry date you want as some people applying here got an entry date from the date they applied at the embassy.

    Told to come back in one week’s time to collect passport and visa.

    BRT line 1 (northbound) brings you close to the visa office.

  4. Lars says

    Hi, great site.

    I was hoping you or someone here might have an input on this:

    I have a Brazilian girlfriend, but only girlfriend. I am an expat and my next project is in Kazakhstan (Kokshe). She would like to come with me.

    She will not be working and she needs to be able to stay at least 3 months but will be able to shortly exit the country (to Russia) and re-enter.

    I am thinking the 3 months tourist visa. My company can make an invitation letter. But we will be staying in houses so do not have any hotel booking.

    Do you have any great solutions that springs to mind?

    After reading that guy here in the comments with the langue school I also am considering getting her a student visa, but it get’s a little sketchy I think…

    • says

      tourist visa or business visa is fine, you dont need hotel bookings. business visa will be better since you dont need to exit the country every month. you dont need an actual business.

      • Lars says

        Thanks Steven

        Things are in motion now. The business VISA is much more attractive for her. Great hint there. Also for the 2 months it can be extended.

        I have been reading very many forums and webpages and it does not seem like the rules are that rigid. What seems most important is to have all the documents on the checklists. Not so much that everything written in them have to be absolutely perfect.

        I guess I will know in a months time if that assessment holds up…

  5. says

    I’ve just obtained a dual-entry tourist visa for Kazakhstan at the embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I used my Australian passport. Cost US$50 or payable in equivalent Malaysian Ringgits (single entry is US$25) and this is paid at the counter, no bank transactions involved. Took one week. Obtained without LOI only because I was able to provide my flight itinerary that showed I needed two entries (before and after my visit to Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan). Without these documents, I would have needed a LOI. Despite the printed itinerary, I still had to convince the person accepting the documents that I didn’t need a LOI, so there were a few interesting moments. Single entry tourist visa does not require LOI at all. I also provided my travel insurance certificate as required on the form. Office hours for submission and collection are 0900-1300 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Great website, been very useful in planning my Central Asia journey. Thanks! Shane

  6. David says

    Is it possible to get a 60-day single entry tourist visa for an American? I’m going to study language at a school in Almaty from June 20 to Aug 14 (56 days in country) and the school just gave me a letter of acceptance, no official invitation letter, and told me to apply for a tourist visa. What are my options? Double entry and day-trip to Bishkek in the middle?

    Thanks for your help!

    • says

      Indeed, if they didn’t want to give you a student visa, you are going to have to go to Bishkek for a day. Not a big deal, doesn’t cost much in terms of transport and accommodation.

      • David says

        Thank you so much for your advice. Unfortunately for me, I already applied for a single-entry tourist visa (without an invitation letter, just a letter of intent) for the 56 days. I had been told that this was possible, if indeed it is, I will report back. Thanks again!

  7. Thomas says

    Update on bishkek:
    Information is still correct, good advice also to pay in advance at kazcommercbank.
    We (two belgians) applied on tuesday morning and got it on friday evening. You can keep your pasport if you ask for it.

  8. Hurshida says

    hi everybody!i want to stay in Kazakhstan for 3 months, and i could not find any visa type for this period of staying,except private visa, but i dont know anybody who can send me an invitation for private visa.how can i stay there for 3 months?

    • says

      3 month tourist visa if you’re eligible, if not, need to go out and get another one or apply for 4 month business visa. So, quite a few options.

  9. says

    Kazak Visa for British nationals in Ankara:

    $30 USD – 1 month single entry processed in 5 working days/no LOI required.

    Embassy is only open 0900-1200 and can be found here: N39.85149 E032.82650

    Payment is made at the Ziraat Bank down the road here: N39.84756 E032.82870

    Very straight forward, spoke excellent English, took copies of our Passport and supplied application forms.

  10. Matthew says

    Hi, just going through the application process to get a Kazakhstan transit visa and was wondering if you might be able to clear something up. On the form it asks for “The first place of entry into the Republic of Kazakhstan,” are entry and exit points shown on the visa itself? So if entering via the Kyrgyzstan border would I have to know for certain which border point I’d be crossing at when filling out the form? Thanks.

    • says

      In that case, write Korday if you are going Bishkek-Almaty. If you just write Almaty I’m sure nobody would make a problem either.

      • Matthew says

        Hi, thanks for the help. So entry and exit points are shown on the actual visa then? Thanks again.

        • says

          No, not listed, so just for formalities, I think. I don’t know what would happen should you arrive on a different border post, but I think the consequences would not be grave, if at all noticed.

  11. Heather says

    Hi, thanks for another great guide! Are there any restrictions on a transit visa? Can you stop over in cities and towns, as long as it’s within the 5 days? I thought this would be fine, but a tour company I contacted said that a Kazakh transit visa is only valid for a unbroken journey of under 72 hours, and I’ve been unable to get through to the embassy by phone or email to ask. Any help on this would be much appreciated. It seems like a strange rule, but I thought it would be better to check.

    Thank you!

    • says

      AFAIK you can stop along the way. I don’t see how anyone can check if you stopped somewhere on the way at the border. If it’s too scary, a tourist visa only costs 10$ more. No harm in getting one and being sure, imo.

  12. says

    I would like to informed you all that the embassy of Kazakhstan in Thailand is very bad service! They’re very rude with the customer and depend in their mind.

  13. Sam says

    Thanks for the amazingly helpful site! Am I right in thinking that you can apply for a Kazakhstan visa any amount of time before you want its validity to begin, or is there a restriction on how far in advance an application can be made?

    • steven says

      Hi Sam!

      There probably is some time date, I can’t imagine they will give it to you 2 years in advance. But I never heard any complaints, so it must be quite far in the future.

  14. says

    We have been in Kazakhstan in spring 2012. Two Netherlands nationals and one Moldovan. Kazakh visa for Netherlands was received in Brussel. For Moldovan passport holder – no visa necessary. We entered Kazakhstan via Uralsk. At the border all three of us got registration papers. To get registered. We try to register on one small town, but we were refused, as we were traveling with camper, and we had no inviting organization and person. We have been in Kazakhstan 20 days. We exit Kazakhstan via Semey. At the border, the two Netherlands nationals had no problem. As we find out, they were automatically registered on the Kazakh visa – the government of Kazakhstan is the body who is inviting you. I, as Moldovan passport holder, had to be registered. After we explained that we were refused to be registered, because we had no invitation address to provide, and that we are traveling by camper – border officials let me pass as well.

  15. says

    Just a brief note:
    I applied for my Kazakh visa in London and I wasn’t allow to get the Tourist Visa 1 Month without LOI (October 2012). The only visa I could applied without LOI was 5 days Transit visa.

    And yes, in London they also work in 9-12 schedule and will never pick-up the phone or answer an email ;)

  16. Dan says

    I just got my Kazakhstan visa in Tbilisi with an Australian passport.
    It was quite easy with the help of this website. It took me 1 week, gave my passport on Wed and picked it up with the visa the next Tues. They said it may be possible for it to be ready on the Mon and told me to ring them Mon morning which i did and they said it wasn’t ready. I wish i hadn’t rang them thou and just went at 3pm Mon to pick it up because when i got it on Tues the visa said date issued was the Mon ( after i phoned i guess ). The lady there was very friendly, spoke perfect English, and had nice leopard print fingernails. Bus 66 ( costs one 50T coin on the bus or you can use a metro card )from the central train station stops right outside the embassy ( 2nd last stop on the bus … the last stop is only 2 minutes up the hill on the same street ), bus takes 20 to 30 mins to get there. It cost me us$40 .

  17. William says

    Kazakh embassy in Tashkent won’t keep your passport if you just ask for it. But you’ll have to go 3 times at the the embassy to get your visa: 1st for application, 5 working days later in the morning to hand in your passport, then in the evening to pick it up with your visa. The official delay is 5 working days, negotiable to 4 days (3 days if you’re lucky). English is spoken.

    Visa-free regime is indeed planned, but will not happen soon.

  18. Jstephensonp says

    Hi, I am a UK/ brazilian citizen trying to get a visa for Kazkhastan in Russia. It seems be easier to get with my UK visa but I enteres Russia with he BRazilian one because it is visa free. Will this be a problem when applying for the visa or crossing the border. If so, should 8 try with the Brazilian without a letter of invitation?

  19. says

    Thank you for this very useful information. We are in Urumqi, China now (May 2012) and applied for a Kazakhstan tourist visa. We will go to Kyrgyzstan next so we asked about the joint-visa agreement (hoping we might only need one of the visas for both countries) but the two men at the desk said there was no agreement. They knew/pretended to know nothing about it. 5 days processing time was the fastest we could get – no express service, no way to get it faster. It is costing 140RMB ($22) per person for the 30 day tourist visa – we have Swiss passports. The process involves skipping past the crowd at the consulate, then going down the road (short walk) to another office to have them photocopy your passport and fill in a form for you (I think this cost about 20RMB each) – again you can skip the crowd because you’re a foreigner. Then back to the consulate to get a payment slip to take to the bank (another short walk away) – and back to the consulate to show you’ve paid and drop off the passport. Best to start the process fairly early in the morning so all the steps can be taken care of before they close at 1pm. It is not possible to keep your passport while the visa is being processed.

    • says

      I have never heard of anyone doing it. For sure people at the airport will be confused. The way I interpret the law, you should be legal, BUT that’s just me. I don’t know what the customs officials at the airport would think of it. Would be interesting to find out, though!

  20. says

    Any info if it is possible to get a Kazakh visa in Seoul for Non-Korean?
    Also when you say Visa on Arrival can “only be issued 1 month in advance and is quite pricey”, you mean no later than 1 month or not before..? Can you tell me a travel agency where I can request it?

    • says

      Hi Claudio, I don’t know anything about Seoul. About visa on arrival, you can only get it maximum 1 month before you leave, not 2 months before you leave for example. The price is at least 100$, I believe (not sure). I currently do not recommend travel agencies. A search engine search for “Kazakhstan visa” will bring up a few different options, you will have to contact and choose one yourself. Good luck and have a nice trip! And let us know about the visa in Seoul!

        • Ryan says

          hey how did the process go Claudio? I am working in Seoul and am planning on going to Kazakhstan for summer vacation! It seems their only hours are from 9-12! I work during those hours! what would you suggest? can you do it online/by mail