Tajikistan visa

All travelers to Tajikistan need a visa. An additional GBAO permit (Gorno-Badakshan Autonomous Oblast) is necessary for any travel to the Pamirs. A letter of invitation is no longer needed, except for some rare cases.

Beware: the Tajik visa is date-specific, meaning that entry and exit date are fixed and written on the visa and you cannot enter before the entry date or leave after the expiry date.

Visa-free travel for Tajikistan?

There is still no visa-free travel for Tajikistan for citizens of wealthy countries. The lower chamber of Tajikistan’s parliament approved a bill that would permit visa-free visits by U.S. and European Union citizens, as well as nationals of some countries in Southeast Asia. It did not, however, pass the Senate. According to the draft law, visitors from the chosen countries would be able to stay in Tajikistan without an entry visa for one month.

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  1. mateo carames says

    hello, I have just contacted stantours and they say that normally you don’t need a LOI for getting a tajik visa at dushambe airport. can anyone confirm this? I have very very little time to get one…
    thank you!!

  2. says

    Obtained a double entry Tajik visa for $70 (payable at the Embassy) and next day collection in Almaty, Kazakhstan. This included the GBAO (for all usual districts) which was marked as a “Double Entry” permit since I am heading for a week’s side trip into Afghanistan via Ishkashim. I’ve not heard of a double-entry GBAO before, but staff at the Embassy thought it better than giving me two separate GBAO permits. No LOI needed for an Australian Passport. Hours are as stated above (0900-1200 & 1400-1700). Needed to fill out two forms, one visa application (with photo) and one other letter that must include all cities you wish to visit.

  3. says

    Update for embassy in Bishkek with German passport (May 2013)

    we wanted: tourist visa for 30 days and GBAO permit
    we needed: passport, one picture, completed application form, no LOI, no registration
    we paid: 75$ + 100 Com (on the spot), (55$ + 100 Com for one week processing)

  4. Martin says

    I can vouch for the Istanbul consulate report, just picked up a 45 day visa today (British national) including GBAO permit for $60 (including $10 for double entry), also payable in €/£, took about 20 minutes. Filled in the English language form I’d printed off the London embassy website and hand wrote my own letter of intent as dictated by the consul who speaks good English as well as Russian of course and apparently Hindi and Japanese!

    No LOI required, just passport with photocopy and 2 photos. Well worth the trek to the suburbs and beats £150 for the equivalent at the London embassy open 4 hours a week!

    Really helpful website btw, keep up the good work!

    Note: the train to Florya suburb is suspended pending construction of the new high speed line in Istanbul, you need to take the BN2 bus which runs along the coastal road from Eminönü and around Sultanahmet.

  5. says

    Tajik Visa in Beijing for British national.

    Strange experience but nonetheless managed to get my visa with GBAO permit in 5 days for US$70. Strange because despite calling to check they were open and issuing visas, when I turned up at the embassy I was told the Consular General was away for a week and therefore they were not issuing. They also said I required a letter stating my itinerary. I went back the next day to negotiate and they accepted my application and said I should call in 5 days to check if my visa was ready. That I did and they said it would be a further 3 days. I got my chinese friend to call them and then picked up my visa an hour later. Like many things in China, if you want something done you need to get a local on the case (despite being able to speak passable chinese myself).

    Tajikistani Embassy in Beijing, China
    No. 1-4, Section A, Liangmagiao Diplomatic Compound
    Phone: +86-10-6532-3039 / +86-10-6532-2598
    Fax: +86-10-6532-3039

  6. says

    Tajik visa in Bishkek: 23/04/2012

    Canadian citizen, visa on the spot, 10 min wait only, NO LOI… 75$ +100 for GBAO. Easiest process thinkable, no waiting, friendly staff. However, they didn’t accept my clean post 2006 100$ bills because they had something written on it with pen.. Had extra ones with me.

  7. Mike says

    Tajik Visa in Baku for New Zealand passport holder.
    Embassy is open Tue-Fri, 1500-1700.
    If you decide to get visa here, the disadvantage is that no GBAO permit is issued as they do not have the stamp!
    Get there by bus number 3 (AZN0.20), which departs from opposite Bank Standard on Azerbaijan St which is just behind Nizami’s statue outside the old city. Get off the bus at Galin Gaya in Badamdar, and follow the sign to AEF hotel. But before arriving there, there is an alleyway to the right, and the emb is 30m on the left. The consul is friendly, and speaks English well. He’ll tell you to write a letter to the ambassador, and will tell you what to write. TWO app forms, TWO photos, the said letter to ambassador, copy of passport and AZ visa. LOI apparently not needed though “helpful” the consul said. “Processing” is 4 days (drop off Tue, pick up Fri), and USD35 to be paid at time of collection. Express processing is probably available but not enquired. Again, no GBAO, so other embassies might be better…

  8. Thomas says

    Tajik visa in bishkek, update 12-04-2013:
    Belgian nationals, we got our visa on the spot (10min waiting). 75 usd + 100 som for 45day visa and GBAO permit. Single entry ( double was 10 usd extra). The english speaking lady from the embassy assured us that a registration is no longer needed for 45 days.

  9. Anita Yusof says

    Hi Steven,
    I hv few questions on Tajik visa:
    1. I am a Malaysian passport holder. Do I need LOI to apply for Tajik visa?
    2. Can a Tajik visa be obtained via mail (as Laurent above said)? If yes, I would like to do it before I start my Central Asia ride, but how? There is no Tajik embassy in my country.
    3. I hv heard that the cost to bring in own motorbike into Tajik is US15. How about bringing own motorbike to Kazakh, Uzbek & Kyrgyz? Is it compusory to buy insurance for all the countries (including Tajik)? (Sorry I asked this question here).

  10. says

    Tajik visa for British Nationals in Ankara

    $54 USD for 1 month or 45 days with single or double entry. No LOI required. We forgot to ask about the GBAO Permit as we read here it wasn’t possible. We will pick this up in Dushanbe.

    Embassy is open 0900-1700 Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri and can be found here: N39.85207 E032.83115

    Payment is made to the Ziraat Bank down the road at N39.84751 E032.82871

    Visa turned around in less than 24 hours. Spoke excellent English. We requested the double entry but where asked on collection if we would like 45 days instead of our requested 30 days to which we said yes as we had all ready paid.

    friends we met here (British Nationals) applied in the morning and picked up visa in the afternoon for the same price.

    Process was so relaxed, Visa free must be coming soon!

  11. Thomas says

    I`m planning to apply for a 45-day Tajik tourist visa in Bishkek and I was wondering if there is any news on the OVIR registration for this visa. I`ve read that it`s obligatory for a plus30day tourist visa, that costs would exceed 100$ and that you can do this anytime before the limit of 30 days (US embassy website). Is this information still up to date? Anybody with a recent experience perhaps? Thanks!

  12. emmeff says

    The Tajik MFA website currently states that ‘visa support’ or an ‘invitation’ is required for the VOA at Dushanbe (and presumably Khujand):

    Notes: Please, be informed that for processing of visa (except private visa) in Consulate Bureau of Consular Department of MFA in the airport of Dushanbe for the period which is less than 45 days foreign citizens should submit filled visa support or visa application (2 copies), 2 photos and invitation. If foreign citizen fail to submit above mentioned documents, visa processing and issuance will not be produced and these persons will be deported from the Republic of Tajikistan.


    Note also that you DON’T want a ‘private visa’, ad this is what leads to the hassles others have described.

    • says

      I know. I have recently taken down the advice re private visa, but I hear things will be changing again soon. Will try to rewrite soon to reflect all the news.

  13. Bob says

    Is a visa necessary for the drive through the Tajikistan enclave from Kyrgszstan to Uzbekistan? I assume it is, but if so, must this visa be obtained before arrival? Also, can this visa be obtained while in Bishkek?

    • says

      Yes, a visa is necessary, to be obtained in advance. But if you do not have any business in this enclave, why not simply avoid it and take a different route?

      • Bob says

        I think I was confusing maps. haha. It is good to know, though, that it is not possible to get the Tajikistan visa in Bishkek. Another quick question. I am seeing available routes for many AirBishkek flights, but when I try to buy them, it says they do not exist. Do you have any idea why this may be? I would like to get a one way ticket from Batken or Osh to Bishkek. Also, I cannot figure out how to choose one way flights on AviaTraffic. Thanks in advance!

        • says

          I would use an Aviakassa in Bishkek to buy a ticket in person. Central Asian websites do not work for me. Maybe it’s the same for you.

  14. Victor says

    Small hint on VOA fees:
    I paid 58$ for a 1 month tourist visa (I’m french).
    I don’t know about the rumour that we don’t need a LOI though, cause I had one.

    I proposed me a 45 days visa multiple entries for 68$ as well.

    Friendly guy at the consular office.

    • steven says

      Hi Or,

      you definitely need a visa, unless you are from a few ex-Soviet countries. Depending on which country you are from, you can buy the visa on arrival at the airport. It is unsure if you need a LOI to get the VOA, but people have reported that they got it without the LOI recently.

      hope that helps,

      • Or says

        Thank you, Steven,

        I thought to go to Tajikistan spontaneously from Korea during January. Is that a good idea..? I have been recently in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and I feel sorry that I pass Tajikistan.

        And can I just appear at the airport with my charm?

        Thanks again,


        • steven says

          Hi Or,

          it is definitely more difficult in Tajikistan in winter. It’s very cold, obviously, and many places are difficult to access due to avalanches and snowy roads. Hiking and climbing is more or less out of the question. But it will make for a special experience if you do.

          About VOA without LOI: If you are on the list of countries that can get VOA, I think it will be ok, but I cannot say for sure.

  15. Joe T says

    Concerning the border control scam, I would like to clarify that the handing out of the “wrong visas” was not limited to the airport in Dushanbe. We got our double entry visa from the embassy in Berlin (we clearly stated we wanted a tourist visa) only to find out at the border Panjikent-Samarkand (Sept. 2010) that we needed to register because we got some sort of working visa. After about an hour or so of arguing with the guards we finally convinced them that we would register with OVIR as soon as we arrived back in Dushanbe after our two weeks in Uzbekistan. This was arranged through the wonderful staff at the Hotel Poytaht (formerly known as Hotel Dushanbe) but at the steep cost of $55 p.p.
    Of course the border at Panjikent-Samarkand is closed for the time being, but the fault lies with the Berlin embassy not the border guards who were actually in the right (except for the immigration officer threatening us, trying to get a bribe out of us).

    • steven says

      That’s good to know! Embassies seem to have stopped giving these private visas though for longer stays and have reverted to giving tourist visas. But one should always double check!

  16. says

    Things seems to be better now at the Tajik embassy in Brussels. I got my tourist visa and GBAO permit without any LOI. I just send my passeport with a letter describing the purpose of my visit and my itinerary and a copy of my flight ticket. The whole process (including the mail delivery) took 10 days. I’m French.
    By the way, thanks a million for all the very valuable informations on you website.

    • steven says

      Thank you for your comment Laurent! I think I saw your post on VoyageForum, non? Good to hear that the craziness has subsided. I’ll update when I come back from holiday.