Tajikistan visa

All travelers to Tajikistan need a visa. An additional GBAO permit (Gorno-Badakshan Autonomous Oblast) is necessary for any travel to the Pamirs. A letter of invitation is no longer needed, except for some rare cases.

Beware: the Tajik visa is date-specific, meaning that entry and exit date are fixed and written on the visa and you cannot enter before the entry date or leave after the expiry date.

Visa-free travel for Tajikistan?

There is still no visa-free travel for Tajikistan for citizens of wealthy countries. The lower chamber of Tajikistan’s parliament approved a bill that would permit visa-free visits by U.S. and European Union citizens, as well as nationals of some countries in Southeast Asia. It did not, however, pass the Senate. According to the draft law, visitors from the chosen countries would be able to stay in Tajikistan without an entry visa for one month.

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