Turkmenistan visa

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Getting a Turkmenistan tourist visa is not possible without booking a tour. Getting a transit visa usually requires a long wait, but you do not need to book a tour and do not need visa support (LOI). A transit visa allows for a visit of maximum 5 days.

Be aware that the Turkmen visa is date-specific, meaning it has fixed start and expiry dates. You cannot enter Turkmenistan before the start date or leave after the expiry date.

Visa types

Turkmenistan transit visa

The Turkmenistan transit visa is issued for 3-5 days (not in 3-5 days!). How many days you get is essentially up to the whims of the official granting the visa. A few years ago, cycle tourists traveling to Turkmenistan reported getting a 7-day transit visa, but this option has evaporated.

Note that it is a transit visa: this means you need to go from one country to another through Turkmenistan. You cannot go back to the same country you came from on a transit visa.

To apply for a transit visa, go to a Turkmen embassy with the documents listed under Visa requirements and registration. If you are applying on the road, additionally see Embassy reports.

The transit visa has a set start and expiry date, so it is essential to be ready to enter the country when the visa starts. The cost is around 55$ (155$ for Russians). Note also that you need to enter your entry and exit points on the visa application form. When you get back your passport, check which entry/exit point you got, it might be different from what you asked for.

And don’t exit from a different border crossing than the one stated on your visa!

Turkmenistan tourist visa

Getting a Turkmenistan tourist visa ìs expensive. You need to make a booking for a tour through a tour company. Prices range from 120 to 250 USD per day, including guide, driver, accommodation and food. However, you can cut your costs considerably by sharing with other people. You need to find them yourself though, it is not possible to go on a standard tour with a bunch of strangers.

To receive your visa, your tour company will tell you what to do.

Turkmenistan visa on arrival

It is possible to get a Turkmenistan tourist visa on arrival in the airport of Ashgabat, as well as on the land borders. You will need a letter of invitation from a tourist agency, which means a booking with them. The Turkmenistan visa on arrival is valid for 10 days, with extensions possible based on the duration of the booking.

Transit visas are not available at Ashgabat airport, however, there is a transit area in the airport for passengers in transit for which no special visa is required.

Letter of invitation and travel agents

Turkmenistan letter of invitation (LOI)

Looking for the letter of invitation to lengthen your stay in Turkmenistan? Seeing how many requests we get from people who still want to get an LOI without booking a tour, I feel the need to repeat myself: if you want to get an LOI to stay more than 5 days in Turkmenistan, you need to book a tour! Sorry, not my rule. If you are a budget traveler, you will have to get the transit visa.

Embassy reports

Turkmenistan visa application on the road

You are most likely to apply for a Turkmenistan transit visa in either Turkey, Iran or Azerbaijan coming from the south, or in Tajikistan or Uzbekistan coming from the north. From the south, you can apply for your visa in Istanbul, Ankara, Baku, Teheran or Mashhad. From the north, in Dushanbe, Almaty or Tashkent. At the moment, Dushanbe is by far the quickest embassy – 1 week turnaround.

The best way to apply for your transit visa is to hand in all documents in one embassy/consulate (for instance Istanbul), and pick up your Turkmen visa later in another embassy (eg. Tehran).

This is a route many people on the Silk Road are following these days with great success. You can keep your passport with you, only a copy of your passport is needed by the embassy. Urgent processing takes 5 working days (meaning 1 week), normal procedure takes up 10 working days (express processing doesn’t cost extra, so no need to use the normal procedure if asked for). Cost is 55$.

Attention! Recently, the embassies of Tashkent and Dushanbe have started handing out transit visas, saying they can be picked up at the border with Uzbekistan after you get a code e-mailed to you. This has worked well until now, for most, but at least one report has reached us of someone not receiving anything and being refused at the border, getting sent back to Uzbekistan with no other country to exit to and 24 hours left on his visa. So this tactic, although tremendously time-saving, comes with risks.

Azeri customs do not allow passengers on the Caspian Sea ferry without having the actual visa in their passport, be it a transit or a tourist visa. Letters with a visa reference number will no longer do.

If you are coming on a regular transit visa on the ferry, and you happen to arrive early, you can avoid trouble two ways: either a bribe to put the date stamp a day forward or, you will be let to linger in the terminal before customs. Similarly, if your visa is running out in Turkmenbashi and the ferry has not arrived yet, customs might stamp you out earlier and leave you to hang out in the terminal past customs until the boat shows up. Bring enough food.

If you want to pick up your Turkmen visa from the same embassy where you applied, take the following into account:

From the north: Dushanbe issues transit visas in 5-6 business days, while Tashkent now takes two weeks minimum.

Turkmen embassy in Dushanbe

Opening hours: 9.30-12.30 and 14-?

Address: Akhunbabaeva St, dom 10. Посольство Туркменистана в Республике Таджикистан 734000, Душанбе, ул. Ахунбабаева, дом 10. It is located in the northern part of the city, off Karamov Street (map).

The man working at the embassy is a very friendly and funny guy and speaks Russian, no English.

To apply for the (transit) visa you need to submit a completed application form (provided at the embassy), write a letter of request for a transit visa (he gives you a sample to copy out), one passport photo, a COLOUR photocopy of your passport, and a photocopy of your onward visa.

The time for processing the transit visa is 1 week. You keep your passport during the process. On the day of collecting your visa you should turn up in the morning, you get the payment slip which you pay at a bank on the other end of town (take a taxi). The visa costs USD $55. When you return to the embassy with the payment slip you get the visa in your passport.

See the warning above with e-mailing the visa code. Usually it works, but to be safe, get the visa in your passport in the embassy.

Turkmen embassy in Tashkent Address: Afrosiab street 19 Phone: +998-71-2569406

Opening hours: 10am-1pm (play safe, come very early to put your name on the waiting list! 6am is already late in peak season!) Visa pick-up at 4pm. Only open Monday to Wednesday? Don’t know.

Crazy, busy embassy, with long waiting times and frustration build-up, but staff is correct and even quite lenient sometimes, if we piece all traveler reports together. Important to have 2 colour copies of your passport and Uzbek visa, they don’t keep it.

April 2014: I went there on a monday (20th april), arrived at 6.30 was 16 in the list, entered at 11.30 (but things were wierd and I’m not sure they really follow the list). I asked to get my visa at the border in 15 days, they told it was possible but they might problem from the uzbek side, blabla, since I had enough stress with the visas, i asked to pick it up in Tashkent with the urgent process (same price) in a week. I went back the next tuesday (you have to go in the morning to give your passport first), arrived at 9, was 15th on the list and entered at 10.30! There were way less people than the previous monday. My visa was ready at 4 the same day. I got 5 days transit and the entrance and exit I asked. 55 dollars.

December 2013: new evolution, perhaps because of the low season. British national applied and got a transit visa application number in 5 days. He then collected the visa at the Al Farab border crossing for an extra 10$.

June 2013: Still as before. Came at 5.30 to be number 3 in line. Came back at 9.30 to be called in. 55$ for Europeans, 85$ for British. 20 days was reduced to 16 after pleading.

May 2013: Took only 7 days for Australian passport holder to get a transit visa.

October 2012: applied in Almaty (see below). There was a list before 10 o`clock which was administrated by the policeman in front of the embassy. At 10, the assistant appeared from inside and copied this list. If you arrive after this, you’ll have to tell him your name and he’ll put you on his new list. Old list is then obsolete. On the first day we arrived, the visa wasn’t ready yet, but the day after it was ok. They kept the passport in the morning and we could pick up the visa at 4pm.

There were around 20-30 people waiting, but there was no need to be there before 10, waiting time around 1 hour. This is probably different during high season… 55$/Person, we got only 3 days (applied for 5) and not the exit point we applied for (Sarahs instead of Gaudan, they don’t want people to go to Ashgabat).

June 2012: Arrived 10.30am. There was a list but it was redundant as a new list was being used. People are let in 5(ish) at a time, man with list accompanies them inside office. Wait until he comes back outside then go up to him and explain that you want a transit visa. He will get a form for you to fill in, check you have an onward visa, photocopy of passport and onward visa plus 1x photo. If you don’t have onward visa you won’t even make it inside (they don’t accept a photocopy of your passport stamped by onward consulate saying they are issuing you a visa). Need to/ from entry points and exact days. At present they are advising everyone (Iranian, Italian, Japanese, British, Australian) to come back in 20 days (maybe you can check after 18 days but apparently forms are sent to Turkmenistan for processing). No option for express. Friendly enough but very little english spoken. Arrived at 10.30, in and out by 11.00.

Embassy of Turkmenistan in Almaty

New address: Furmanova, 137, corner of Kalinina & Furmanova, entrance on the backside. New tel: (727) 272-69-44, 272-69-92 (no English spoken). Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, closed on Friday and every last Monday of the mpnth 10:00 – 13:00.

April 2014: Failed to get a visa for unknown reasons.

May 2012- September 2013: Various reports – applied in Almaty, pick up in Tashkent after 10 working days. Staff friendly and helpful.

From the south: Embassies in Iran and Turkey are straightforward when you follow the rules.

Turkmen consulate in Mashhad Opening hours of the embassy are 8:30 – 12:00. Open every day except Friday. Tourists can only apply Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Address: Do Shahid St. off Dah-e-Dey Sq (next to Afghan Embassy)

May 2014: 55$, lots of pictures, after application in Tehran.

May 2012: The consulate is open to individuals, or you can use the agent Vali. Either way, it should take 5 to 6 days.

May 2012: Australian traveler used Vali. Cost was 10$ + 55$ visa fee. Emailing the documents 3 weeks in advance, on arrival in Mashad he got the visa same day.

Turkmen embassy in Tehran

The correct location is on Barati street, off Vatanpour, off Lavasani street (map). Opening hours: Sunday from 09:30-11:00 and Mon-Thu from 09:00-11:00. Tel: 222 06 731 Fax: 222 06 732

If you want to start and finish the application process in Tehran, count on 10 days. Most people move on and get it in Mashad.

September 2014: 1 week pick-up in Mashad.

Another 2014 embassy report can be found here.

Embassy of Turkmenistan in Baku

Adress: Jalil Mammadguluzadeh 85/226a, Nasimi Baku. The bank to pay the visa fee is a few km away: Narimanov’s branch of International bank of Azerbaijan, Hasan Alieva 94, Baku.

Open only Monday and Friday 9-12am Apparently, the Turkmenistan embassy has moved in Baku. It is now close to the Europa hotel take number 65 bus if staying at hostel in old town. The Kazakh embassy is in the same area.

Another way to find it: Take the metro up to “20 janviar”(red line). Here is where it used to be. But now you must take an extra bus (or taxi but many believe it’s still where it used to be) not too far and at least the following go: 69, 83 and 128, only thing is that u must make sure to get right direction (crossing street when exiting metro).

You must have to take in account that: you better go first hour in the morning as after he checks everything is all right (after giving printed letter, photos and photocopy of passport) you need to pay. Bank used to be next to the Embassy but now they didn’t change it so… you need to take the bus back to where the metro “20 janviar” and ask for the bank, it’s close to it. Once you get the paper of the payment he will glue in your visa. The process can be done in one day, but you must arrive early and hurry up or you’ll have to wait until next time the embassy opens.

June 2014: Confirmed, you can only pick up transit visas in Baku that have been applied for elsewhere. You cannot apply for a transit visa in Baku.

May 2014: We have just picked up our 5 day transit visas in Baku, we applied for them in Ankara requesting pick up in Baku.We had an email 7 days later confirming acceptance. We took this and 2 photos each with our passports to the embassy. Fairly straight forward process 85$ each. . Embassy staff helpful with good english.

March 2014: A traveler reports applications for transit visas are no longer accepted in Baku, only pick-up.

Turkmen embassy in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Is set to open someday “in the nearest future“. If you hear of it, let us know!

Embassy of Turkmenistan in Ankara Address: No. 28, Koza Sokak, Chankaya, Ankara (how to get there) Opening hours: 9am-12am, closed on Wednesday.

May 2014: LOI, 1 passport photocopy, 1 passport picture, $115 paid to IS bank plus 5TL fee to bank

Arrived shortly after 9am. Whilst I was let into visa section, there was nobody there until 10am when the shutter was opened. Given form to complete. Nothing unusual on it for normal visa application. Difficulty was being sent to IS bank to pay. He didn’t speak much English. Fortunately a Turkish man took me with his driver, told me who to pay and got receipt. He took a copy of my passport to show teller as name needs to be on receipt. On returning this to the embassy the visa was issued on the spot. Total time about 2h inc 45mins waiting to open. Opening times are M, T, T, F 9-12

To get to the bank from embassy – turn right out of embassy gate and then left down steep hill. Follow this down and to right where you hit main road. Bank is on left side. Probably about 400-500m away from embassy. Address is Kuleli sk no 48.

May 2013: Applied from Ankara, requesting to pick up in Baku (no “buts” and they agreed). They seem to speak no english. They request a letter explaining why you need the visa but the format must be done the way they specify there (on a noteboard) so you need to go once first to check there. In the letter you MUST say which day you enter and it can NOT be moved in any way. We received the letter one week later. With the printed letter you can go to whichever Embassy you request to pick it up (in our case Baku) and only then you have to pay.

July 2012: Lodged application in Ankara for collection in Mashhad. 10 days later they sent us an email with letter and authorisation code which we gave to embassy in Mashhad. Filled in the form again, one photo, copy of uzbek visa and photopage of passport and 85US paid directly to the embassy, took only 20 minutes.

Feb 2012: A British traveler applied in London and picked up a 5-day transit visa in Ankara after 1 day waiting for 55$.

Turkmen Consulate General in Istanbul

Address: Gazi Evrenos Caddesi, Baharistan Sok. No. 13, Yesilköy, Istanbul Opening hours: Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri 9-12.30am (for visa application) and 5-6pm (only for visa pickup!) Phone: (+90) 212 662 02 21 (or ..2 and ..3)

Required documents: 1x Visa application (the correct form will be provided by the consulate), 1x photo, 2x b/w passport copy, 1x copy of the visa of the countries from/to where you enter/depart, 1x motivation letter (template and form will be provided by the consulate)

How to get there: From Eminönü, bus BN2 takes you to Yeşilyurt in 30 minutes, there it takes 5 minutes on foot to the consulate. Alternatively there is a bus 72T from Taksim to Mecidiye Camii – a long trip, but a reasonable option if you are based in the Beyoğlu region

Fees: USD 55 for a 5 days transit visa

July 2013: We asked for visa pickup at the embassy in Ankara. They said we should call in 7 days. After 7 days, we called in Istanbul several times, but no one answered. We then went to the embassy in Ankara where they contacted the consulate in Istanbul. Nothing was ready and we asked for a pickup in Tehran at a later date.

Embassy of Turkmenistan in Beijing

July 2012: Tourist visa cost for Americans: 10 day single entry is $35 for normal service (one week) or $55 for express (3 day/weekend) service in USD only. They will keep your passport the entire time (so have a copy for yourself as that is against Chinese law). There is a Bank of China down the road on Tian Ze Lu that can exchange RMB for USD. Keep in mind the consulate is closed on Wednesdays (and at 12:00 (at least on the door), not 13:00 as listed on the website). We went with the express option and dropped ours off Friday morning at 11:30am and it was ready Monday at 15:00.

Visa requirements and registration

Turkmenistan visa requirements

Visa requirements for transit visa application:

  • 1 filled out Turkmenistan visa application form (download here)
  • 1 passport-sized photo
  • 1 passport with minimum 6 months validity after the expiry of the Turkmen visa and 2 empty pages
  • 1 letter from yourself stating your purpose of transit and route
  • photocopies of your main passport page and of visas of the two countries to be travelled to/from
  • photocopies of your airline ticket, if applicable
  • You do NOT need an LOI for a transit visa

If you do not need a visa for the countries you are going to next, explain that to the embassy staff and they will understand.

Registration in Turkmenistan

Travelers with a transit visa do not need to be registered with Migration Police (OVIR). Travelers on a Turkmen tourist visa do need to be registered with OVIR either, this will be handled by the tour company who is arranging your visit.

Visa extension and overstaying

Visa extension and overstaying

What happens if you don’t make the deadline and end up overstaying your visa? Recent traveler reports indicate that first a huge fine will be asked, and if you don’t pay you will be deported, which seems to mean you cannot enter the country for 1 year. That’s just one traveler tale, of course, the next one might not be so lucky.

Can you get your transit visa extended if you get stuck on the boat for too long? I had never heard of a Turkmen visa extension before, but these people did it. Don’t count on it, though.

Comments are closed. If you have questions or embassy reports, head over to our forum’s visa section.


  1. Due to a three day ferry delay going from Baku to Turkmenbashi, we had only two days left on our transit visa when we arrived in Turkmenistan. We raced through the country but did not manage to leave in time, so we overstayed our visa one day. (The border station at Farap closes at 8 pm, we came 11 pm and had to camp outside til the next morning.) First the customs tried to fine us 500 $ each, but we said we did not have the money. So they deported us from the country, that was free and now we are not welcome back in one year. Think we can live with that.

  2. Hi,

    We plan to enter Turkmenistan from Uzbekistan and exit on a plane back to the UK from Ashgabat. The Turkmen Embassy in London have told me this is okay for gettting a Transit Visa, but the visa will take three weeks to procure. By which time we will already be in Central Asia. The Embassy said we can collect the visa from a Consulate abroad, so what I’m wondering is given time constraints whether you would know if the Turkmen Embassy in Dushanbe or Tashkent are more likely to be on the ball? Thanks.

    • No more info than is on the site sadly

  3. Hello Steven
    I’m from Portugal and I will be travelling in Central Asia this summer. I’m trying to get the Turkmenistan transit visa but i’m having some trouble. I already have the Uzbekistan and Iran visas (Iran-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan). I phoned the UK consulate but they told me that I should only send by mail the photocopy of passport and visas (and application form) and that they would send me a document that would able me to get the visa on the land border. I don’t think this is so… Can you recomend me some Turkmenistan embassy in Europe where I can get the transit visa by mail?
    Thank you for your attention.
    Best regards,
    Rui Pinto

    • Don’t know, you will have to call around.

  4. Just got a 5 day transit visa from tashkent. Took 7 normal days. very easy. applied last thursday, picked it up this thursday. australian passport. Note they need 2x colour photo copies of passport & uzbek visa. Black and white is no good. there is a very professional colour scanning shop near the bus station beyond the local shop. ask around.

  5. Hi Steven,
    Great website and info, thanks a lot.
    We’ve seen there is a Turkmenistan embassy in Armenia, but haven’t seen any bloggers talking about it. Do you have by chance, any further information?


    • Never been there or heard anything about it. Please let me know if you decide to get your visa there, should prove to be interesting. My experience: the more off the beaten track the embasssy, the more relaxed, so Armenia might be a good place for a Turkmen visa!

      • hi steven,

        we went today to the embassy of turkmenistan in yerevan (armenia) trying to get a 5 day transit visa. we didn’t as they issue only tourist visas here for which you need a LOI. we have been informed that you get transit visas only in neighbouring countries i.e. azerbaijan, kazakhstan, iran or uzbekistan and that you need the visa of your neighbouring destination country to turkmenistan beforehand (in our case uzbekistan). so we have still some visaadmin in baku left…

        best noelie

        • Thanks for informing me!

  6. Hi, would greatly appreciate suggestions/recommendations for my case. What are my chances for getting a transit visa if I enter Ashgabat from Uzbekistan (transportation not decided yet) and then leave Ashgabat by air to Urumqi, China? I only plan on staying about 2 days, so would prefer to go with the transit visa. Thank you!

    • Interesting question, I haven’t come across this case. Best to check with a Turkmenistan specialised tour operator, they will know best. Theoretically, if you have the Chinese visa, it should be possible I think.

  7. It took 6 visits to the Turkmen embassy in Dushanbe to get the transit visa. The consul is very friendly and helpful, but the whole organisation of the consulate is tiresome and less than customer oriented. Sometimes they send people away after waiting for hours for the reason of “no electricity”, or “today it’s too late”, when its actual opening hours, and the bank to pay for the visa is on the other edge of town.

    Having received the 5-day transit Farap-Alat to Howdan-Bajgiran we were excited to finally make it to Turkmenistan. However on the Farap-Alat Border, they delayed our immigration by min. 2 hours with lots of phone calls and bureaucratic measures, only to tell us in the end that the 5-day visa is not valid (We had to give the officer an exact itinerary and places to stay) and we have to be out of the country in by 5 pm two days later, because this gives us enough time to transit.

  8. Hello Steven .
    i’ve tried to get a visa on Paris embassy but they’ve said me , after a month , that i can take the visa on border between Uzbekistan and turkmenistan if i’ll go to a third state .
    Is it True?
    If not , how much time do i need for take a transit visa in Tashkent ?
    Thank you soo much for your attention ..
    In wait for an answer
    greetings !

    • I don’t understand what you mean. When you applied for transit visa, did you already have your visas for Iran and Uzbekistan? You need those first. Then they will give you a visa in your passport, not on the border.

  9. Hi,
    Thanks for all the information on this site! I have one specific question though. I am cycling from Shanghai to Paris with a friend and will be passing through Turkmenistan entering from Uzbekistan and exiting through Iran. We already have our Uzbek and Iranian visas but have still need a transit visa for Turkmenistan. Is it possible to apply by mail at the Beijing embassy and pick up the visa in Tashkent? Otherwise what is the quickest available service in Tashkent or is there a town closer to the Turkmenistan border we can pick up the visa if we start the application in Tashkent.

    All a little complicated but we are short on time and would love to avoid 5 days in Tashkent if at all possible! Thanks for your help.


    • You can perhaps start the application in Almaty and finish it in Tashkent? How about Dushanbe? Don’t know about mailing your things to Beijing and pick them up in Tashkent.

  10. Hi Steven,
    1. Is it possible to apply for a Turkmen transit visa if I am coming from Uzbek and after visiting Turkmen, I will go back to Uzbek? This is due to I will be circling the Central Asia (start fr Tashkent – Almaty – Bishkek – Dushanbe – hv to reenter Uzbek – Asghabat – back to Tashkent for flight home).
    2. If yes, can I apply for it in Tashkent, and collect it in Dushanbe?
    3. How many days and how much is the extra cost?
    4. If the answer to #1 is ‘NO’, how may I do Turkmen at the cheapest? My interest are only Asghabat and Dervaza Gas Crater, perhaps 3 – 4 days maximum.

    • No. To get a transit visa you have to transit to another country, not back to the same one. Cheapest way to do it on a tourist visa is to find a tour operator who does not feel the need to escort you in Ashgabat. Should not be too expensive for such a short trip.

      • Thanks for yr answer. However, I am not very clear about yr statement “find a tour operator who does not feel the need to escort you in Ashgabat. Should not be too expensive for such a short trip.” Can u plz explain further?
        FYI, my initial plan is to travel by land into Turkmen within 4 days, entering via Farab and exitting via Khojeli (staying 1 night in Mary, 1 night in Ashgabat and 1 night in Dervaza Crater area). But I think this will be costly and not economical since I hv to pay so much for a tourist visa + LOI (when I only stay for 3 nights) and hv to pay for the guide as well. David fr Stantours quoted min USD600 (group price), which is too much for me. Plz advise me on this.
        Also, do u hv any recommendation on a cheap tour operator in Ashgabat?

        • Hi, some tour operators leave you to explore Ashgabat freely without escort. This way you can spend a few days without escort and pay less. At least this was in the past. Maybe the rules have gotten stricter now. That’s about all I know. Turkmenistan is not an easy country to travel.

  11. Hi, thanks for all the great information on this site! There’s one thing I’m not sure about. Is it possible to get a Turkmenistan transit visa if you arrive by air in Ashgabat and then leave by land via the Uzbekistan border? I’ve heard conflicting answers on this.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Heather,

      if I reread what I wrote, it says you cannot get a transit visa at the airport. However, I can also recall people doing it. I think why I left it out was because it is not at all certain you can do it, and although some might have gotten lucky with it in the past, this does not mean others will in the future. In short, I would advise not to go for it, but you are welcome to get a second opinion. I do not pretend to know everything about the subject.

      Let me know if you find out anything new!

      • Thanks very much for your advice! I may try to get a transit visa, hoping to be one of the lucky ones, and then give in and book a tour if it gets rejected. The guide says that the visa has set entry and exit dates. Does this mean that, if the visa expires on a Friday, it would not be possible to leave early, on say the Wednesday? Does it have to be pre-planned so specifically?

        Thanks again!

        • You can leave early, just not late!

          • Just as a bit of an update on this, in case it helps anyone – applied for a transit visa for a trip arriving in Ashgabat by air, and leaving by the Uzbek border. The transit visa was approved! It took a very detailed letter explaining the reasons for entering the country by air, however.

  12. We need to go through Turkmenistan to get from Uzbekistan to Iran and have read your very useful info. Can we check that the best way to do this is with a transit visa? We’re trying to weigh up the pros and cons of this v a tourist visa from the info on the site. We’re happy to ‘whizz’ in 3-5 days, but would have to think carefully about which dates to put down when applying. Or is it easier to apply for a tourist visa because we can get that on arrival at a land border crossing? We worry that we’d be wasting money that way, as we don’t need 10 days. Help!

    • Same problem everyone else has, sadly. I would go for a transit visa in your case.

      • Thank you for putting us on the right road.
        - With a transit visa, do we then avoid the need to book a tour with an agency?
        - Do we still need to specify entry and exit point?
        - The embassy’s site says for transit visa, we need onward air ticket, but we won’t have one as our whole trip is surface travel, have you heard of how to get round this?

        A and J

        • 1. Yes
          2. Yes
          3. AFAIK, you do not need an onward air ticket.

  13. Turkmen embassy in Dushanbe, additional informations:

    For the address it is just round the corner of the swiss foundation on google maps, the address given by google maps by default is wrong.

    Transit visa, express applicaton: 55$, 1 week, have a copy of your outward country visa.

    Friendly staff, and now it seems that you can exit the country wherever you want (according the consul). No restriction about outward border-crossing.
    They even asked me if I wanted more days on my visa to transit (5 days formerly).

    Hope it’ll be helpful!

    • Thank you for the useful information, Victor!

      • I mistype, it’s ‘Swiss Foundation for Mine Action’ the place that is near the embassy.
        Here is the gmap link: http://goo.gl/maps/UOjTN

        • Thank you!

          • I am going to apply for a 5 day transit visa (Baku to Turkmenbashi)at the embassy in Brussels. I think it would be better for me to collect the visa in Baku.
            Would I then receive from the Brussels embassy a authorisation so that I can pick up my transit visa at the Baku embassy?
            If so does this authorisation mention the 5 days that I fill in on the application form in Brussels or can I get in Baku a different 5 day period that would work in better with the ferry/cargo boat departure so avoiding wasting valuable transit days.