Turkmenistan visa

Getting a Turkmenistan tourist visa is not possible without booking a tour. Getting a transit visa usually requires a long wait, but you do not need to book a tour and do not need visa support (LOI). A transit visa allows for a visit of maximum 5 days.

Be aware that the Turkmen visa is date-specific, meaning it has fixed start and expiry dates. You cannot enter Turkmenistan before the start date or leave after the expiry date, but you can enter after the start date and leave before the expiry date.

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  1. says

    Due to a three day ferry delay going from Baku to Turkmenbashi, we had only two days left on our transit visa when we arrived in Turkmenistan. We raced through the country but did not manage to leave in time, so we overstayed our visa one day. (The border station at Farap closes at 8 pm, we came 11 pm and had to camp outside til the next morning.) First the customs tried to fine us 500 $ each, but we said we did not have the money. So they deported us from the country, that was free and now we are not welcome back in one year. Think we can live with that.

  2. Aspland says


    We plan to enter Turkmenistan from Uzbekistan and exit on a plane back to the UK from Ashgabat. The Turkmen Embassy in London have told me this is okay for gettting a Transit Visa, but the visa will take three weeks to procure. By which time we will already be in Central Asia. The Embassy said we can collect the visa from a Consulate abroad, so what I’m wondering is given time constraints whether you would know if the Turkmen Embassy in Dushanbe or Tashkent are more likely to be on the ball? Thanks.

  3. Rui Pinto says

    Hello Steven
    I’m from Portugal and I will be travelling in Central Asia this summer. I’m trying to get the Turkmenistan transit visa but i’m having some trouble. I already have the Uzbekistan and Iran visas (Iran-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan). I phoned the UK consulate but they told me that I should only send by mail the photocopy of passport and visas (and application form) and that they would send me a document that would able me to get the visa on the land border. I don’t think this is so… Can you recomend me some Turkmenistan embassy in Europe where I can get the transit visa by mail?
    Thank you for your attention.
    Best regards,
    Rui Pinto

  4. says

    Just got a 5 day transit visa from tashkent. Took 7 normal days. very easy. applied last thursday, picked it up this thursday. australian passport. Note they need 2x colour photo copies of passport & uzbek visa. Black and white is no good. there is a very professional colour scanning shop near the bus station beyond the local shop. ask around.

  5. noelie says

    Hi Steven,
    Great website and info, thanks a lot.
    We’ve seen there is a Turkmenistan embassy in Armenia, but haven’t seen any bloggers talking about it. Do you have by chance, any further information?


    • says

      Never been there or heard anything about it. Please let me know if you decide to get your visa there, should prove to be interesting. My experience: the more off the beaten track the embasssy, the more relaxed, so Armenia might be a good place for a Turkmen visa!

      • noelie says

        hi steven,

        we went today to the embassy of turkmenistan in yerevan (armenia) trying to get a 5 day transit visa. we didn’t as they issue only tourist visas here for which you need a LOI. we have been informed that you get transit visas only in neighbouring countries i.e. azerbaijan, kazakhstan, iran or uzbekistan and that you need the visa of your neighbouring destination country to turkmenistan beforehand (in our case uzbekistan). so we have still some visaadmin in baku left…

        best noelie

  6. Anita says

    Hi, would greatly appreciate suggestions/recommendations for my case. What are my chances for getting a transit visa if I enter Ashgabat from Uzbekistan (transportation not decided yet) and then leave Ashgabat by air to Urumqi, China? I only plan on staying about 2 days, so would prefer to go with the transit visa. Thank you!

    • says

      Interesting question, I haven’t come across this case. Best to check with a Turkmenistan specialised tour operator, they will know best. Theoretically, if you have the Chinese visa, it should be possible I think.

  7. Christoph says

    It took 6 visits to the Turkmen embassy in Dushanbe to get the transit visa. The consul is very friendly and helpful, but the whole organisation of the consulate is tiresome and less than customer oriented. Sometimes they send people away after waiting for hours for the reason of “no electricity”, or “today it’s too late”, when its actual opening hours, and the bank to pay for the visa is on the other edge of town.

    Having received the 5-day transit Farap-Alat to Howdan-Bajgiran we were excited to finally make it to Turkmenistan. However on the Farap-Alat Border, they delayed our immigration by min. 2 hours with lots of phone calls and bureaucratic measures, only to tell us in the end that the 5-day visa is not valid (We had to give the officer an exact itinerary and places to stay) and we have to be out of the country in by 5 pm two days later, because this gives us enough time to transit.

  8. says

    Hello Steven .
    i’ve tried to get a visa on Paris embassy but they’ve said me , after a month , that i can take the visa on border between Uzbekistan and turkmenistan if i’ll go to a third state .
    Is it True?
    If not , how much time do i need for take a transit visa in Tashkent ?
    Thank you soo much for your attention ..
    In wait for an answer
    greetings !

    • says

      I don’t understand what you mean. When you applied for transit visa, did you already have your visas for Iran and Uzbekistan? You need those first. Then they will give you a visa in your passport, not on the border.

  9. Nelson says

    Thanks for all the information on this site! I have one specific question though. I am cycling from Shanghai to Paris with a friend and will be passing through Turkmenistan entering from Uzbekistan and exiting through Iran. We already have our Uzbek and Iranian visas but have still need a transit visa for Turkmenistan. Is it possible to apply by mail at the Beijing embassy and pick up the visa in Tashkent? Otherwise what is the quickest available service in Tashkent or is there a town closer to the Turkmenistan border we can pick up the visa if we start the application in Tashkent.

    All a little complicated but we are short on time and would love to avoid 5 days in Tashkent if at all possible! Thanks for your help.


    • says

      You can perhaps start the application in Almaty and finish it in Tashkent? How about Dushanbe? Don’t know about mailing your things to Beijing and pick them up in Tashkent.

  10. Anita Yusof says

    Hi Steven,
    1. Is it possible to apply for a Turkmen transit visa if I am coming from Uzbek and after visiting Turkmen, I will go back to Uzbek? This is due to I will be circling the Central Asia (start fr Tashkent – Almaty – Bishkek – Dushanbe – hv to reenter Uzbek – Asghabat – back to Tashkent for flight home).
    2. If yes, can I apply for it in Tashkent, and collect it in Dushanbe?
    3. How many days and how much is the extra cost?
    4. If the answer to #1 is ‘NO’, how may I do Turkmen at the cheapest? My interest are only Asghabat and Dervaza Gas Crater, perhaps 3 – 4 days maximum.

    • says

      No. To get a transit visa you have to transit to another country, not back to the same one. Cheapest way to do it on a tourist visa is to find a tour operator who does not feel the need to escort you in Ashgabat. Should not be too expensive for such a short trip.

      • Anita Yusof says

        Thanks for yr answer. However, I am not very clear about yr statement “find a tour operator who does not feel the need to escort you in Ashgabat. Should not be too expensive for such a short trip.” Can u plz explain further?
        FYI, my initial plan is to travel by land into Turkmen within 4 days, entering via Farab and exitting via Khojeli (staying 1 night in Mary, 1 night in Ashgabat and 1 night in Dervaza Crater area). But I think this will be costly and not economical since I hv to pay so much for a tourist visa + LOI (when I only stay for 3 nights) and hv to pay for the guide as well. David fr Stantours quoted min USD600 (group price), which is too much for me. Plz advise me on this.
        Also, do u hv any recommendation on a cheap tour operator in Ashgabat?

        • says

          Hi, some tour operators leave you to explore Ashgabat freely without escort. This way you can spend a few days without escort and pay less. At least this was in the past. Maybe the rules have gotten stricter now. That’s about all I know. Turkmenistan is not an easy country to travel.

  11. Heather says

    Hi, thanks for all the great information on this site! There’s one thing I’m not sure about. Is it possible to get a Turkmenistan transit visa if you arrive by air in Ashgabat and then leave by land via the Uzbekistan border? I’ve heard conflicting answers on this.

    Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Heather,

      if I reread what I wrote, it says you cannot get a transit visa at the airport. However, I can also recall people doing it. I think why I left it out was because it is not at all certain you can do it, and although some might have gotten lucky with it in the past, this does not mean others will in the future. In short, I would advise not to go for it, but you are welcome to get a second opinion. I do not pretend to know everything about the subject.

      Let me know if you find out anything new!

      • Heather says

        Thanks very much for your advice! I may try to get a transit visa, hoping to be one of the lucky ones, and then give in and book a tour if it gets rejected. The guide says that the visa has set entry and exit dates. Does this mean that, if the visa expires on a Friday, it would not be possible to leave early, on say the Wednesday? Does it have to be pre-planned so specifically?

        Thanks again!

          • Heather says

            Just as a bit of an update on this, in case it helps anyone – applied for a transit visa for a trip arriving in Ashgabat by air, and leaving by the Uzbek border. The transit visa was approved! It took a very detailed letter explaining the reasons for entering the country by air, however.

  12. says

    We need to go through Turkmenistan to get from Uzbekistan to Iran and have read your very useful info. Can we check that the best way to do this is with a transit visa? We’re trying to weigh up the pros and cons of this v a tourist visa from the info on the site. We’re happy to ‘whizz’ in 3-5 days, but would have to think carefully about which dates to put down when applying. Or is it easier to apply for a tourist visa because we can get that on arrival at a land border crossing? We worry that we’d be wasting money that way, as we don’t need 10 days. Help!

      • says

        Thank you for putting us on the right road.
        – With a transit visa, do we then avoid the need to book a tour with an agency?
        – Do we still need to specify entry and exit point?
        – The embassy’s site says for transit visa, we need onward air ticket, but we won’t have one as our whole trip is surface travel, have you heard of how to get round this?

        A and J

  13. says

    Turkmen embassy in Dushanbe, additional informations:

    For the address it is just round the corner of the swiss foundation on google maps, the address given by google maps by default is wrong.

    Transit visa, express applicaton: 55$, 1 week, have a copy of your outward country visa.

    Friendly staff, and now it seems that you can exit the country wherever you want (according the consul). No restriction about outward border-crossing.
    They even asked me if I wanted more days on my visa to transit (5 days formerly).

    Hope it’ll be helpful!

          • Tom Vooys says

            I am going to apply for a 5 day transit visa (Baku to Turkmenbashi)at the embassy in Brussels. I think it would be better for me to collect the visa in Baku.
            Would I then receive from the Brussels embassy a authorisation so that I can pick up my transit visa at the Baku embassy?
            If so does this authorisation mention the 5 days that I fill in on the application form in Brussels or can I get in Baku a different 5 day period that would work in better with the ferry/cargo boat departure so avoiding wasting valuable transit days.