Uzbekistan visa and LOI (Letter of Invitation)

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The Uzbekistan tourist visa is issued for 7, 15 or 30 days. Even though some tour companies (or even the embassy!) might tell you otherwise, the Uzbek visa is date-specific, meaning that entry and exit dates are set on the visa. It is possible to get a double entry Uzbek visa simply by paying 10$ extra.

Important: you cannot take more foreign currency out of the country than what you declared when you entered the country. You declare your money on a customs form. One copy for them, one for you. Make sure to get the copy for you, and don’t lose it. Otherwise, when you leave you will have to pay a bribe (10$ is reasonable).

Visa types

Uzbekistan tourist visa

Citizens of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand (we think), UK and USA do not need a letter of invitation to apply for their Uzbekistan tourist visa. Citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine have visa-free travel. All other nationals need a letter of invitation from a tour company.

Cost of the visa is 75$ for 1 month, double entry is 85$. Americans and Israelis pay 120$ to 165$, Japanese go for free.

A double-entry visa is also valid for 30 days. We’re not sure how this works (ask someone else), but it seems you can only stay 15 consecutive days in Uzbekistan on a double entry visa if you get it without LOI, but that you can stay as long as you want within the 30-day window, go out of the country and come back for the remaining time on your double entry tourist visa if you get it with LOI.

Normally you cannot apply more than 3 months in advance for your visa. On several occasions, though, we have heard of travelers getting a visa further in advance.

Uzbekistan visa on arrival

It is possible to get a visa on arrival in Uzbekistan, but only at the airport of Tashkent. Single or double entry is possible. There are several requirements though.

  • You need to have a letter of invitation
  • There is no Uzbek embassy in the country where you are coming from (where your airplane is coming from, not your country of residence)

When entering from a land border into Uzbekistan, visa on arrival is not possible.

Transit visa

A transit visa for Uzbekistan allows you to stay in the country for maximum 2 times 72 hours. No LOI is needed.

Letter of invitation

Uzbekistan letter of invitation (LOI)

Visa support can be issued by any tour company registered in Uzbekistan. You can contact a reliable Uzbek travel agency through our contact form to get an Uzbek LOI.

Embassy reports

Uzbekistan visa application on the road

Uzbekistan embassy in Almaty

Beribaev St., 36 +7-3272-91-02-35

Foreigners can apply from 2-6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Come earlier to write your name on the list, or try to talk your way in at closing time. If you have a LOI, you can get the Uzbek visa the same day (express service 15 minutes). If you do not have a LOI (meaning, if you are from a country that does not need one), it will take much longer. 1 week? 10 days? 2 weeks? It depends. The express service only makes it go marginally quicker, apparently, so think before you pay.

For this reason, many travelers who don’t need the letter of invitation decide to get one anyway so as not to get stuck in Almaty too long. Make sure you have filled in the Uzbekistan visa application form (see below) beforehand, they are often not available at the embassy.

And CHECK YOUR VISA before you leave the embassy, mistakes are often made.

May 2013: Visa section of embassy officially opens at 2pm. We got there around 1.45pm with around 10 other people already waiting in front of the embassy. At 2.30pm we were allowed to enter the tiny visa office along with a group of now 20 other people. First you hand in a print out of your online application form (security guards won’t even let you into the building without a printout), passport photos and in our case LOI. Consul then makes you wait again whilst he checks your documents (along with the papers of the other 20 people, so this took another hour).

He then calls you back to make you confirm the exact travel dates. We wanted to extend the dates and get a double entry visa (LOI was for single entry visa), but he stuck to the dates on LOI. Waiting period continued (don’t stray too far away from the counter, as he might unexpectedly call out your name and you will probably lose your spot if you don’t show up straight away). He then issued single entry visa for US$ 65. Visa obtained at 4.45pm. They only take US$. French passport holder was waiting with us, but since she didn’t have an LOI the consul didn’t issue a same-day visa but made her return 4 days later.

Uzbekistan embassy in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Tynystanov St., 213 (+996) 312 66 30 78 Opening hours: 10am – 1pm Tuesday to Friday

If you have an LOI, you can receive your visa on the spot (fill in your form before you come!). Without LOI, the process takes longer: from 3 days (urgent processing) to more than 2 weeks. Call in advance to make an appointment (or try your luck and don’t) and before you pick up your visa to save time (no English spoken). You can keep your passport while processing if you ask nicely. Need copy of Kyrgy entry stamp and first page of passport as well as passport pictures and entry form filled in.

August 2014: Fill the form online (use Opera browser if it doesn’t work), call the number: (+996) 312663078 to get an appointment to be able to apply. After 5 working days call again and fix another appointment to collect your visa. You can keep the original passport with you until you collect the visa.

April-September 2013: Still up to date. 105$ without LOI 3 day urgent processing, 75$ with LOI 10 minute processing.

February 2013: 105$ without LOI in 4 days for British passport holder. Still unfriendly and efficient, but no more lists. You have to call for your appointment the next day after 14.00.

May 2012: 15$ for Japanese citizen, 75$ for British citizen, instant processing, pay in cash at the embassy.

Uzbekistan embassy in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Address: embassy has moved – now near Rudaki Street (map). Heading north on Rudaki Street take first left after Hotel Tajikmatlunot, embassy down 200m on the left. Consular hours 9-12 Monday to Friday.

With LOI, it takes between 2 minutes and 2 hours to get the visa. Without LOI, 5 days processing is usual.

Uzbekistan consulate in Istanbul Sehit Halil Ibrahim Caddesi, No 23 Istinye +90-212-323-20-37, (+90) 212 229 00 75 Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10-12. Payment at Akbank 5 min walk away where there is a 5TL transaction fee. You can pay in advance if you know how much (nearby TEB bank ATM dispenses dollars).

Catch bus 40b, 22 or 25e from Kabatas to Istinye or take metro 2 to ITU and catch a minibus (cash only) to Istinye. Alternatively there is a speedboat at 8.15am that takes you in 40 minutes to Istinye.

October 2013: American, 1 week processing time, very friendly consul, 160$.

July 2013: required documents: 1x visa application, 2x photo, 1x b/w passport copy, fee was USD 60 + USD 20 service charge for a 30 days, single entry visa; additional fee for express handling is USD 30 BUT DOES NOT HELP AT ALL! Don’t do it, you won’t get your visa faster. The processing time until you get your visa is a random matter.

May 2013: Two Brits, no LOI but also no rush. Had read that rush was possibly for $30 extra but when we asked, we were told it is impossible to have it the same day and to come back in 4 days. Staff are friendly but efficient, polite and even crack the occasional joke when you least expect it. $80 for a single entry 30 visa. Have the forms filled out in advance and arrive early. The security guard lets you in in groups of up to 5.

Dutch and Polish travellers were refused when we were there as they had no LOI but the staff were polite and recommended an agency in Istanbul for them.

Uzbek embassy in Ankara

Address: Sancak Mah 211 Sok. No3, Cankaya, N39.87226 E032.86352. Embassy is open 1000-1700 BUT Visa application/Collection only on Mon/Wed/Fri.

September 2014: Smooth as before, but payment is now at Akbank, with a Turkish chaperone.

May 2013: Super-friendly guy; no English. Applied Monday, was told it could take up to a week. I asked if they could have it ready by Friday and they said that they’d try their best. Called me on Thursday at 8pm to say it was ready. $160, no visa support for American passport. You can pay at the local HSBC branch if you (or a friend or random Turkish stranger) can supply the bank with a Turkish ID number; otherwise you can make a direct deposit at the branch by Atakule.

March 2013: British passport holders paid $80 USD for 1 month/multi-entry (even though we didn’t request it). $100 USD for 3 months. Applied on Tuesday filling out the form on-line and printing it. Picked up on Friday – 4 days processing with no LOI. Simple procedure with good English spoken and they took copies (supplied by us) of the passports during processing.

July 2012: Filled out online application form, printed it and lodged on monday along with 2 photos and copy of passport, collected Friday, passport not kept by embassy. Fee paid to bank 10 minute walk away return with receipt and hey presto. $80 without LOI for British national.

Uzbekistan embassy in Baku

Opening hours 10:00 – 12:00, 15:00 – 17:00 Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Embassy a little difficult to find, the GPS coordinates are: 40.3513°N / 49.80493°E. Find a route description here.

Uzbek embassy opening hours are flexible. Technically 10-12, but I was outside for 45mins before 12 and was still let in. Returned to collect at 1530 same day. Embassy staff helpful and spoke English. Check how long you can get as possible to get longer if requested and pay for it.

Bank is International Bank of Azerbaijan, 67 Nizami Street, account AZ90IBAZ390200384094 26916120 IBA is next to German embassy just behind fountain square.

June 2014: 30 day double entry tourist visa $85. Same day with LOI.

April 2013: 5 days for the visa without LOI, 30 days, 1 entry, 75$.

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Beijing

Address: The embassy is located opposite the German embassy. Opening hours: Mo-wed-fri 9 -1pm Tuesday 11-12, Thursday closed.

March 2014: French passport holder got a visa in 5 working days (applied on monday, got it the next one), applied without LOI. The staff asked for a letter from work. I told him I worked as a free lance (which is more or less true) and that I’m travelling for a year right now and want to travel the silk road to go home (I show him the stamps and visa on my passport), he then let me apply. It cost 600 RMB for a 30 days visa.

March 2012: When we got there we had to fill in their application form, LOI, 1 photo, we handed it in on friday and picked up our passports on Monday. We paid 600 RMB in cash for 30 day single entry visa. We have Dutch and Spanish passports.

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Tehran

Opening hours 9-11 from Sunday to Thursday, best to get there before 9 to be at the front of the queue.

Go to metro Gheytarieh, out of the station call a savari and say Pasdaran, at the huge crossing after 10 min get down and pay 1000 toman, then go up the main road other 10 min to the north and look for a small parking-like square where is a white building. Not far from the Chinese embassy

Application form printed twice , 2 photos, photocopy of passport and LOI if you have one. According to one traveler, the embassy staff don’t mind if you change the dates of entry and exit when you come to pick up your visa, as long as it’s within the validity period of your LOI.

April 2014: No need for a letter of your embassy if you have an LOI. If you don’t have an LOI, you will need a letter from your embassy.

December 2013: With LOI on the spot, without LOI 8 working days urgent, 15 working days normal service.

Uzbek embassy in Dubai

Consulate of Uzbekistan in Dubai locates in the “embassies area”, about 500m from Bur Juman metro station. Taxi drivers know the area. Next to consulate of Libya and right in front of the Lebanon Consulate. Currently open Mo, Th and Saturday from 9 to 12.

March 2014: Gets quite busy, so better to come early. With LOI, tourist visa took 2 hours. Cost 315 dirhams. Staff speak English. If you are polite they tend to reply the same way.

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Novosibirsk

April 2014: 30 day, single-entry tourist visa given on the spot for US passport holder with LOI cost 175$ converted into rubles.

Uzbekistan embassy in Bangkok

The embassy moved to Pathumwan, just behind the Vietnamese embassy, at this address:

83/4, Soi Vithayu 1, Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan District, Bangkok 10330 Consulate section opening hours are 9 – 12 and 15 – 17 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

September 2014: 8 days processing without LOI, can keep passport.

January 2013: New Zealand passport holder got visa same day for 2900 baht with advance contacting.

Story: “I didn’t have enough time in Bangkok to wait for standard or expedited processing. So the consulate was contacted by email, who requested LOI be forwarded electronically. That was done, along with e-visa application form and copy of passport front page. Few days later, the consulate replied requesting the visa be collected. When eventually arrived in Bangkok, the passport was dropped off in the morning 9am and picked up at 2pm for THB2900. The LOI took 3 weeks to come down, taking into account time for the agency to receive the money by telegraphic transfer, Xmas/NY holidays and actual processing time which was 6 working days. They even give you a filled out e-visa application form. If there is an e-visa application form, no re-filling of the consulate-specific application form is needed at Bangkok.”

June 2012: The consul is very friendly and a joy to deal with, and issues normally visas in 7 days from submission (I dropped application on Monday, go back next Monday). Double entry 1 month valid visa is 3300 bath. As an Italian, no LOI was needed, I brought one filled application form downloaded from their website, one picture, one copy of my passport. The consul got a phone number and said he would notify me of pick up times within the next 3 days… quite stunned about this service!

February 2012: If you do not come with an LOI in hand already, and you need one, the embassy will tell you to go through a travel agency in Bangkok, which all charge ridiculous amounts and require expensive hotel bookings as well. You can get an LOI from other agencies online just the same, and hotel bookings are not needed, so don’t go for that. It’s a 6-day waiting period to get the visa, but express service is available (3 working days recently). You can only pay in baht. Prices vary according to nationality. A range: 5320 baht for double-entry 30-day visa for an American, 2900 baht for 21 days for a Belgian.

Uzbekistan embassy in Tokyo

Adress: The Uzbek Consulate is located a few blocks from Fudomae station (past Meguro on the Namboku line). Consular hours: 10:30-13:00 for drop off, 16:00-17:30 for pickup. Telephone: +81 3-3760-5625

June 2012: You have to fill out your information at the Uzbek evisa website, print it out, and give it to the consulate. Make sure that you mark Tokyo as the place of visa issuance.

Cost for Americans: ¥16000 JPY for a 30 day tourist visa.

Uzbekistan embassy in Seoul

Address: Diplomatic Center #701, 1376-1, Seocho 2 Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea Tel: 02-574-6554 Fax: 02-578-0576 Opening hours: Monday 13-16h; Tuesday to Thursday 10-16h, Friday 10-13h

April 2013: Update from Seoul for a German passport: no LOI, just online form and passport copy needed, but 14 days waiting time.

April 2013: French passports, 30 day visa obtained immediately with LOI. English-speaking staff.

Uzbekistan embassy in Brussels February 2012: Quiet, relaxed embassy. 1-month visa cost 80 euros, with 6 days waiting period. You can get double entry for the same price. You need to pay by bank transfer and show the receipt when you pick up the visa, at which point the official starts filling in the visa.

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Washington DC Last report we read, in March 2012, applying for a visa at the embassy in Washington by mail took 4 weeks.

Embassy of Uzbekistan in London March 2012: Applying by mail to the London embassy took 2 weeks for a British national who didn’t need a LOI, and 1 week for an Australian national who did need the LOI.


Registration in Uzbekistan

Theoretically, you need to be registered every night you stay in Uzbekistan. If police checks you and you are missing registration slips, you may have to pay a bribe. If you are staying in a hotel, registration is done for you free of charge. So, if you are camping or staying with a local, you will be missing some slips. You can say that you were traveling overnight in this time when asked by the police. The rule is that you can stay in an oblast for 3 nights/2 days without registering. This is just the rule though. Note that some hotels refuse to register you when you don’t have the registration slip of the previous night.

Also, hotels are scared to register you for nights when you are not staying there. The last person who tried it got deported. We don’t know what happened to their hosts, but it did not look good. The tour company that provided them with visa support also got into real trouble. So we advise you not to stay with locals, not for your own safety, but for that of the locals.

When leaving the country, travelers’ registrations are generally not checked, especially when flying out. This is not to say that you can’t be an exception. Be careful.

Visa requirements and visa extension

Uzbekistan visa application

For your Uzbekistan visa application you will need:

  • your passport with 6 months validity after expiry of the visa and 2 empty pages
  • a copy of your passport (you can keep your passport during processing)
  • 1 filled-out Uzbekistan visa application form (download and print it from here)
  • 2 passport pictures
  • for a transit visa, proof of onward travel is needed

Extending Uzbekistan visa

You can get an Uzbek visa extension in Uzbekistan, but only once. 1 month is the maximum, although tour companies claim only 2 weeks are possible. The place to go is the OVIR office. A paper from Uzbek tourism may be necessary first, though. We’ve heard of people doing it without Uzbek tourism as well. Some tour companies claim you need an additional letter of invitation from them. As far as we know, this is not true.

Tashkent OVIR Tchehova street 22, Tashkent Tel.: +998 712 569586 or +998 712 569614

Comments are closed. If you have questions or embassy reports, head over to our forum’s visa section.


  1. June 2013, Dushanbe.
    With a letter of invitation, it took me 2 minutes to receive the visa.
    The man is friendly but speaks no English.

  2. May 2013 Bishkek: swiss passport with loi. Got visa on the spot and could change the dates (different dates for the visa than on the loi). Need to call before (after 2pm) to make an appointment. They wanted copies of every page in my passport with marks (visas and stamps), i only had a copy of the main page, but got the visa anyway. Maybe ask when you call for the appointment. They speak english. Not unfriendly.