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by Fina_IND
Fri Jan 19, 2024 8:43 am
Forum: Tajikistan travel sharing
Topic: 7 Lake in Early March anyone????
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7 Lake in Early March anyone????


Im going to day trip 7 lakes in early march, is anyone going to the same place and same dateeeee?? or anyone who have suggest some tips going alone to 7 lake?
by Fina_IND
Tue Jan 16, 2024 2:52 pm
Forum: Tajikistan
Topic: 7 lakes in January
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Re: 7 lakes in January

Well, Haft Kul isn't exactly high altitude so it might be walkable in the winter but still I think it is risky to do it without proper winter gear. I see snow on satellite images at the moment. If you insist doing it, take the bus to Shing and ask there what are the road conditions up ahead. There ...
by Fina_IND
Sun Jan 14, 2024 4:50 am
Forum: Uzbekistan travel sharing
Topic: Travel mate (28 February 2024)
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Travel mate (28 February 2024)

Hi there!

Im going to Tashkent at February 28 2024, and considering doing hiking, or city tour. Let me know if anyone have the same date! im looking for you too!