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by centralasiafun
Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:44 pm
Forum: Turkmenistan
Topic: Q&A: Door to Hell
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Re: Q&A: Door to Hell

An update, early August 2017. Visited by public transport, on a 5-day transit visa. Buses leave from the shiny new Ashgabat International Bus Station in the north of the city. Two morning busses from Ashgabat pass Darwaza each day: 07:00 to Daşoguz 08:00 to Konye-Urgench Price is 13.5 manat, buy tic...
by centralasiafun
Sun Jul 23, 2017 7:31 am
Forum: Visas & embassy reports
Topic: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Dushanbe
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Dushanbe

Success! Single American male traveller, 38 yrs 5-day transit, Farap (UZ) -> Garabogaz/Temirbaba (KZ) Applied in Dushanbe June 30. The process seemed WAY too easy. Gave the consular staff the color copy of my passport/UZ visa and photo, filled out a brief questionnaire, then copied a letter off the ...