Caravanistan - Terms of use

Hi! Thanks for your interest in joining Caravanistan! We look forward to reading your questions, reports, tips and updates about Silk Road travel.

Before you get started, though, please read the following...

Caravanistan was started in 2011 to stop people from having to trawl through old forum threads looking for nuggets of information, and asking the same questions over and over. Instead, I (Steven) started writing articles to cross-check and gather up all the information in 1 place, so people would no longer have to trawl old forum threads. I keep them updated as well as soon as I get new information.

In the meantime, I have spent about 6000-7000 hours writing this travel guide, with most time going to updates. So before you start reading the forum and asking questions, have a good look at the travel guide first: there is a good chance you might already find the answer you are looking for. With long, multi-page threads, have a look at the first post right at the start: often you will find a link there to an article in the guide that summarizes all the travel wisdom in the thread.

There is still a lot of work to be done, we know: place guides are missing, the design is stuck in the 90s, and there are always updates needed, but the guide is already 1000s of pages thick if you would have to print it.

Thank you so much for considering this. There is just one person (me) who has to read, write and manage both the forum and website and you save me a lot of work by having a good read first before asking questions.

Following this, some basic rules:
        1. Please use only the English language.
        2. Posts with commercial intent (tour operators, drivers, ...) are not allowed.
        3. We reserve the right to remove questions that are already answered in the travel guide.
        4. Caravanistan is licensed under Creative Commons, meaning your travel wisdom on this forum can be used by us and others, with a reference to you as the original source.

Thank you! Enjoy the trip! Steven