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Uzbekistan train booking with

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:20 pm
by tatterdemalion
I booked my Tashkent-Urgench ticket through and even though it's not an e-ticket I had no problem entering the station with it or boarding the train.

Staff assumed it was a regular ticket, when I pointed out the overlaying text stating that it cannot be used for travel a staff member took me to the carriage to notify the provodniki who had no problem with the ticket either.

Hopefully somebody else can attest to this.

Re: Uzbekistan train - no problem using

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:53 am
by Kamila Adams
there is no guarantee that the next time everything will go smoothly. and then I compared the prices, than in the local box office the difference is 7-10 dollars , it is better to buy on the spot.

Re: Uzbekistan train - no problem using

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:14 am
by tatterdemalion
For anyone in the situation I had - not able to get to an Uzbek station, one of two final beds available and needing a ticket to travel the next night - I'd recommend it.

If there's a better option for that, please correct me.

Re: Uzbekistan train - no problem using

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:07 am
by steven
Ok, that's news! I will add that to the train page.

Re: Uzbekistan train - no problem using

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 4:33 am
by semmel
I have to warn everybody about this strategy! It woked for me but was very risky.

I was in the exact same situation. Was sitting out of the country and had seen online that there were only 3 beds left (urganch -> bukhara). I booked the ticket with The hassle started at the entrance of the train station. The officer looked on my printed paper for a half second, blocked my way and only told me "not valid" and waved in the direction of the ticket office. In the ticket office I discussed more than a full hour with an english speaking employee. He really wanted to help me. Unfortunatly without success. There is no way: they can not give you an official ticket when you booked online from a russian internet site. They are using incompatible systems. 10 minutes before my train should leave I was walking again to the train station. I waited in distance until no other guest was checked and the way through the checkpoint was not blocked by other people. Then I was running fast through the check point and after passing it I yelled back to 2 surprised security guys "sorry, my train is leaving in 2 minutes. I have no time.". The 2 officers looked confused, but let me pass. In the train station there was the security check. I put my bag on the band of the machine. In the same time another guy asked for ticket again and told me that my ticket is not valid and I can't get into the train. I told him that I don't have enough time to get another ticket. 2 other officers joined the discussion. And believe it or not: in the time when the 3 guys were discussing my situation I grabbed my bag and continued to the plattforms without looking back :) nobody stopped me. at the train there was a train guard and wanted see may ticket again. He told me this is no ticket and I can't get in. So I walked away and tried to get into another wagon. And this time the guy said "sorry online ticket not working", waited some seconds, looked on me and my ticket again and finally let me in. After the train started the same guy was walking through the wagon and collected all tickets. When he saw me he simply smiled and walked away.

Online booking of some Uzbek trains might be possible via

Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 6:53 pm
by Milad
I just bought a ticket for the Uzbek train no. 9FA Buchara - Samarkand - Tashkent with RŽD (, assuming I had to pick the real ticket up at a Russian train station. To my astonishment, I got a PDF saying "ПОСАДОЧНЫЙ КУПОН — BOARDING COUPON", wich means that you can actually use the print-out to board the train and do not(!) need to exchange it for a paper ticket at a Russian station. Might be really useful for travellers, as booked-out Uzbek trains are a real problem in summer and the online booking of Uzbek Railways does not work properly.

For annother Uzbek train I booked online with RŽD, I got only a "КОНТРОЛЬНЫЙ КУПОН / CHECK COUPON", which means that I'll have to pick the ticket up at a Russian station, so it appears that it works only with some trains (yet?).

Oh, one more thing: I have not tested getting aboard the train with the Russian print-out, and as this appears to be new, so no guarantee that the provodnitsa might say "I have never seen this before, this cannot be legit" and deny boarding to you or at least some confusion, but as some people even made it aboard Uzbek trains with only the "КОНТРОЛЬНЫЙ КУПОН / CHECK COUPON" I'd assume it works. Note that you can also exchange print-outs with "Boarding Coupon" to paper tickets at Russian stations if you like.

EDIT: Originally, I wrote that this affects the "Afrosiyob" trains only. As usually the lowest train numbers in CIS countries are reserved for the "best" trains, I assumed that train no. 9 has to be an Afrosiyob. I checked with the Uzbek schedule, it's not an Afrosiyob, but a "normal" train. The Afrosiyob schedules aren't even online on No idea what they're playing...