Urgent and Watch Out! Tutu Travel Charged 5 Times for Kazakhstab Train

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Urgent and Watch Out! Tutu Travel Charged 5 Times for Kazakhstab Train

Post by xiao »

I was trying to buy a train ticket from Alamaty to Turkestan, and I checked the price on tickts.kz. It is 10,800+ KZT. I then shifted to Tutu Travel for booking, since my payment with tickets.kz were always rejected, even if I tried several difcerent cards. The price shown on Tutu Travel is 10,400+,which I thought is pretty close to the price on tickets.kz. I followed the instructions and paid, and I did not realize until I got SMS from my credit card bank that the payment was charged in RUB instead of KZT!!! Since RUB is 5 times of KZT, I was charged 4 times more for a train ticket!

I called Tutu's hotline, but it is all Russian. Even though I somehow got connected to their customer service staff, they hang off the phone, indicating they cannot speak English. Emails were sent to their contact email address and now I am still in wait. Not sure whether they will respond in time to cancel or refund the ticket - the train is within 48 hours and the result somehow depends on their efficiency.

Wonder whether there is anyone having similar experience. It will be greatly appreciated someone can share some experience on tackling this issue, in case Tutu does not reply to me at all.

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Re: Urgent and Watch Out! Tutu Travel Charged 5 Times for Kazakhstab Train

Post by Milad »

Tutu.ru does book Russian tickets and charges the price of RŽD (Russian Railways) plus a small fee. For journeys that are partly or entirely in Russia, that's fine. For journeys not in Russia, especially domestic journeys in annother country, RŽD charges the international full price according to the Mezghos tariff, which regulates international journeys in the former Soviet Union. Tutu can not access the cheap Kazakh domestic tickets, their prices are always in RUB and 10k RUB sounds like a standard international fare for Almaty <> Turkestan (you can check on pass.rzd.ru). I don't know if tutu.ru allows cancellations, if not, you won't get your money back.
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