Booking trains in advance in Kazakhstan

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Booking trains in advance in Kazakhstan

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Hello all,

I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on booking bus or train transportation in advance. From what I've read, it seems like bus and/or train tickets are not available to be purchased online in Kazakhstan. I plan on taking a train from Omsk to Astana, and then to Almaty and onto the other 'stans. I realize the necessity of having a flexible itinerary, which I intend to have (thus ideally not needing to book in advance). But I am a bit worried about border guards being suspicious if I don't have my departing bus/train ticket booked already once I get to Kazakhstan. Has anybody gotten questioned for this? I plan on staying in Kaz for less than 2 weeks so I can qualify for the visa-free regime. Please let me know your experiences with this. Thank you!

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Re: Booking in advance in Kazakhstan

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Unlikely you will be questioned, almost no one has their trip arranged in advance, most ppl being cyclists and backpackers (outside of Business travelers of course).
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