train-tashkent to Moscow

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train-tashkent to Moscow

Post by narsaq07 »

What security procedures like at Tashkent train station? Is it just passport and ticket check only. Does luggage get scanned. Do people pass thru metal detectors or the phone booth type of security machines at airports?
Is there a food wagon on the train? At station stops, do people sell pot of noodles that you add hot water too? Are there constant border checks since you pass in and out of Kazanstan. ( therefore continually getting woken up for. )
I would guess if there is a food wagon, they would take Russian Rubles. Is there a samovar so I can have hot apple cider?
Anyone taken this train. Planning on doing this in October.
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Re: train-tashkent to Moscow

Post by Milad »

Consider the security measures "airport light". Buy instant noodles in a supermarket before you go, cheaper and more choices. There are passport checks at every border obviously, each taking around two hours. Dining car exists, taking UZS, KZT, RUB and USD. There is a samovar in every car.
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