Bishkek -> Tashkent -> Andijan (-> Osh) summer 2019?

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Bishkek -> Tashkent -> Andijan (-> Osh) summer 2019?

Postby shvedsky » Sat Feb 16, 2019 10:20 am


We're landing in Bishkek in july with three kids for three weeks, thinking maybe we'll do some train-hopping. Since we're worried the kids will get car sickness by excessive marshrukt-ing we figured it could be nice to do a roundabout and go from Bishkek, to either Almaty first (by bus though I guess) or directly to Tashkent, and then head down to Andijan and go to Osh from there (then we can do Kyrgyzstan from Osh and back to Bishkek). Does this sound doable with three kids in the summer heat?

Landing in Bishkek (monday)
So Bishkek -> Tashkent 25h
Still unknown which days this train departs on?
What is the price for a kupe?

Or Almaty - Tashkent Talgo! 16h (after going by bus to Almaty)
Which days? How much?

Tashkent -> Andijan 6h
Is this info still valid?

Apparently there seems to be a train from Andijan to Osh as well, any info on that?

Thanks a bunch if you have any info that can help us!!
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Trains expert
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Re: Bishkek -> Tashkent -> Andijan (-> Osh) summer 2019?

Postby Milad » Sat Feb 16, 2019 1:36 pm

Bishkek-Tashkent does supposedly run again this year, once a week in summer. There is no exact information yet (you're plannimg very early). Price for a bed in kupe should be around 35 EUR/40 USD.
Tashkent-Andijan takes 6 hrs, costs about 7 EUR/8 USD per person, 2nd class (Ekonom) is totally fine and spacious (similar to 1st class in europe!).
No trains to Osh.
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Chasing the Cardozas
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Re: Bishkek -> Tashkent -> Andijan (-> Osh) summer 2019?

Postby Chasing the Cardozas » Fri Apr 26, 2019 10:42 am

The Bishkek-Tashkent trains start up on 08 June and run on Saturdays, leaving at 09:30. The train takes roughly 20 hours (arrives early morning Sunday). The price for coupe is 2500/ticket KGS, if bought in advance at Bishkek II train station.
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Trains expert
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Re: Bishkek -> Tashkent -> Andijan (-> Osh) summer 2019?

Postby Milad » Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:41 pm

I can confirm the above. The schedule is as following, minor and border stops not included (as in the official railway schedule, meaning local time in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, Moscow time in Kyrgyzstan, for local time there add 3 hrs):

Tashkent C dep. 20:50
Chimkent arr. 06:12/dep. 06:27
Lugovaia arr. 13:13/dep. 13:43
Bishkek 2 arr. 16:03/dep. 16:53
Rybache (Balykchy) arr. 20:09

Rybache (Balykchy) dep. 01:59
Bishkek 2 arr. 05:53/dep. 06:30
Lugovaia arr. 15:04/dep. 15:43
Chimkent arr. 21:50/dep. 22:08
Tashkent C arr. 05:00

Prices for Tashkent - Bishkek according to the international system Express-3, may or may not be a bit cheaper but certainly not more expensive bought in UZ or KG (add a few €/$ for Balykchy):
Platskart (3rd class): 31,9 CHF/USD
Kupe (2nd class): 42 CHF/USD
Lyuks (1st class): 74,9 CHF/USD
Note that the tariff currency is CHF which means that the prices are set in Swiss Francs (the current exchange rate CHF/USD is nearly 1:1) and converted in local currency in the moment of purchase.
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