Astana Airport bus to city centre

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Astana Airport bus to city centre

Post by FM1 »

Hi all,

This is my first post. I had a look in this forum and online but couldn't find any concrete answers.

For the buses from Astana airport to the city centre, I have to pay with a transport card or an app. From what I've read, nothing says there is a machine or kiosk that sells the transport card in the airport. Does anyone know for sure?

With the app - can I use this as a foreigner with a foreign card? Do I need a local number to register etc?

Finally, all this wouldn't be an issue if I can buy a ticket on the bus with cash, but I don't think this is possible from what i've read, at least not anymore.

Thank you for your help!
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Re: Astana Airport bus to city centre

Post by itfcfan »

According to news reports, since earlier this month (February 2024) buses in Astana accept payment by contactless bank card. More details in Russian here: ... toy-73afb4
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Re: Astana Airport bus to city centre

Post by adi »

Yes true as of Apr 2024. Right pain too as no cards sold in the airport. The useless fellow at the small tourist info counter at arrivals international tried to force me into a cab. Current rate 3000 T to center, haggle!!!
Still hopped on bus 10 direction train station paid a fellow passenger 90 T for using his ticket. He got off halfway so I walked 5 km to hostel on pleasant morning and 12 kg backpack.
Getting back to tickets. Theoretically you can use a store value transcard. Problem is that nobody sells them. I scored one off the hostel re eptionist. She charged me 2000 T for it (one more reason not to stay at Elite, mattress worse than anything I ever had in India except they are bug free - not stainfree).
Next problem is recharging. There are only about 20 terminals near very major busstops. 2 GIS has locations of some. Good luck. 5th I tried actually worked. (Tip from conductress: take photos of non working machine that shows its number on upper right and hop on bus).
All the locals seem to use App on mobile Kapsy Pay that requires local bank account.
Single trip 90 T, longer routes 180T. Day pass 500 per calendar day comes as 1, 3, 5 day.

PS: e-tickets are the ONLY way of paying now
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