Western Kazakhstan to East Kazakhstan

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Western Kazakhstan to East Kazakhstan

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I've just rode down the river Volga to Astrakhan from Moscow and am preparing to move into Kazahstan and Kyrgyzstan. I'll have a cheap time getting but I'm having a hard time of finding a budget option for crossing from west to east. Can anyone reccommend me something? I wouldn't like to pay 80$ just to get to other side of the country.
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Re: Western Kazakhstan to East Kazakhstan

Post by Julia »

So far trains are the cheapest option for long distances. Just checked, for example, the cheapest train from Uralsk (Oral) to Almaty is about 9 000 tenge ($24)
Checked here, the official Kazakh railway website https://epay.railways.kz

Can check the schedule on other web-sites too. And buy ticket on the train stations.

Also combination of trains and buses works too (in case you have a complex route visiting some specific places on your way).

And summer seems to be a high season. Need to get a ticket sooner as the cheapest tickets get sold out quickly.
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