Kazakhstan Corona virus quarantine

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Re: Kazakhstan Corona virus quarantine

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AdamStack wrote:At this period better to stay at the home. Im canceled my trip to Russia - Kazakhstan, before the situation with this scary virus, were solved fully. My life and life of my wife and children almost important for me then this trip.
Big decision. where do you live? What gives you the most concern about Russia and KZ?
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Re: Kazakhstan Corona virus quarantine

Post by Valikhanov »

From March 12th, Kazakhstan denies entry for citizens of Germany and other countries with a high number of covid-19 infections, according to German Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/de/auss ... eit/206342

If you hold such a passport but have not been to any of these countries lately, it´s your obligation to prove it.
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Re: Kazakhstan Corona virus quarantine

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http://mfa.gov.kz/en/london/content-view/-3340 has clear and up to date info. Japan is off the list, btw.
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