Nightlife in Almaty - Post your updates!

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Nightlife in Almaty - Post your updates!

Postby steven » Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:27 pm

I used to have an article up on the nightlife in Almaty, but I am not enough of a party animal to keep up with all the openings and closures.

Been to a club/bar in Almaty? Please post your experience!
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Re: Nightlife in Almaty - Post your updates!

Postby kongslev » Tue Jun 13, 2017 6:18 pm

Hey Steven and others. Just came back from Almaty and I went to some good places.

1. Barmaglot ( yl.catlaeva) served some amazing cocktails with high standards. price around 2000-2500 tenge pr cocktail. Especially their white russian and mai-tai`s where spectacular! there is no dance floor and people mostly stand outside talking, laughing and taking tons of shameless selfies :-)

2. Kairat bar. ( sportsbar, right next to the main entrance of the stadium at Abay ave). really nice staff good food and cold beer. they show a lot of football matches.

we went to a really good night disco, with packed dance floor, smoking terrace, friendly people (as always!). i`m 98% sure it was called chukotka ( gogol street) but i was a little drunk :-)

hope this help a little
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Kazakhstan expert
Kazakhstan expert
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Re: Nightlife in Almaty - Post your updates!

Postby walkingalmaty » Sat Sep 16, 2017 4:06 pm

I'm not much more social than Steven, but I've had a few Almaty nights out so I can share a few tips.

Many of the major clubs are located around the northern side of Panfilov Park.

Chukotka (Чукотка), in Panfilov Park, has been and remains the major party spot. Some hipsters suggest that the crowd has gotten to young, but it's possible that they're just getting too old.

Other clubs nearby include Tot Samiy Bar (Тот Самый Бар), which has now been rebranded as Territoriya Soyedinyennykh Barov (Территория Соединенных Баров), and Siniy FunToMass (Синий FunToMass).

Beer bars are now becoming more popular; some good ones include Publika (Публика), Kran i Farsh (Kran и Фарш), and Bochonok (Бочонок). The closest thing to a just-beer dive bar is Shtab (Штаб) and Stalker (Сталкер).

There's also a certain kind of "pub" format popular in Almaty, where you can drink towers of beer, eat fried food, and listen to live bands cover Western pop songs. The two most popular chains are Pinta (Пинта) and Chechil (Чечил).

A new format in Almaty is the hipster electronic dance club; this includes Berlin-style clubs in abandoned factories in darker corners of town. Vzletnaya (Взлетная) and ArtHaus (АртХаус) are two fun places I've been to.
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