Visit to Baikonur

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Re: Visit to Baikonur

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The answer to your 3 questions is here: ... rt-3-days/

I'd copy-paste it but it changes often so I'd rather refer to the site so future visitors are not confused.
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Re: Visit to Baikonur

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I had an excursion to Baikonur - a city and a cosmodrome. It was a personal tour, May 2019. On my own car from Almaty, firstly a tour of the cosmodrome, then a city tour. All this took half a day and cost about 8,000 Russian rubles. All permits I made out myself through Roskosmos in advance, without any travel agencies. My trip story is here. It is written in Russian, Google Translator will help you.

If you want to see the city of Baikonur only, contact the tourist office of the city of Baikonur, they will make you a pass (2,000 Russian rubles approximately).

This is a car ride through the spaceport.

It's a car ride through the city.


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