Car Rental Almaty: Vladex-Prokat

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Car Rental Almaty: Vladex-Prokat

Postby proper92 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:11 am

via TripAdvisor ( I found the car rental company "Vladex Prokat" in Almaty ( I'm in mail-contact with an english speaking manager there. They rent 4WD SUVs and the prices are okay in my opinion (around 20000 Tenge per day with milege restriction 300km/day, 50000 Tenge deposit). The homepage is in cyrillic letters but it can be translated with google. There is also a car-list (min. 3 SUVs and some smaller cars).

But except of the review in the Tripadvisor Forum I don't find any information (in english) about this company.
It seems that Vladex Prokat has offices in other countries.

The big question is: Is Vladex-Prokat Almaty reliable and trustworthy?

Does anybody have experiences with that company?

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Kazakhstan expert
Kazakhstan expert
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Re: Car Rental Almaty: Vladex-Prokat

Postby walkingalmaty » Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:23 pm

Car rental is a new phenomenon in Kazakhstan, so I'm not surprised I haven't heard of these guys. I did hear that the major rental company Hertz opened recently in Almaty, and as their a known entity, I would check them out.
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Re: Car Rental Almaty: Vladex-Prokat

Postby proper92 » Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:15 am

We want to rent a SUV 4WD to drive around in Altyn Emel and to the Kolshai Lakes, so I'll try Vladex-Prokat and write a review afterwards (in June). The rental price is much cheaper than for example Europcar. I didn't check Hertz yet.
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Re: Car Rental Almaty: Vladex-Prokat

Postby Koen » Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:12 pm

I requested soms prices with hertz for rental of a jeep 4*4. Total price per day was around 55$.
But thru a friend I'm in contact with a local guide and this girl is very good and speaks English.
Now renting a lada niva because it's a funny car. $35.- per day, no mileage limit, with insurance and multiple drivers.
I will go with a friend for 10day trip to the lakes, canyons and do some hiking. Bringing camping gear and cooking as well.
I will post review etc... Of everything. Beginning of April I'm there.
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Re: Car Rental Almaty: Vladex-Prokat

Postby tonic » Tue May 29, 2018 8:45 am

hello Koen, any update regarding the trip? Also looking to rent Duster from Vladex, but if you have good experience with local Niva, let us know
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Re: Car Rental Almaty: Vladex-Prokat

Postby proper92 » Sat Jun 02, 2018 3:53 am

Hello guys. We finished our travel today.
I can strongly recommend the Vladex Prokat company. There is an English speaking manager (Nick). You can write him the places you want to go and he will check if that is possible with the rental car. Also he gave us Camping Gas and a Sim card as a gift.

We rent a Renault Duster 4WD which I can strongly (!!!) recommend. I would never visit the area without an SUV /Jeep and 4WD! For 10 days it was around 170k Tenge + 150€ deposit. Mileage was 300km/day, we drove 2000km. Unlimited drivers. The office of the company is not that easy to find. It is at this point, 3rd floor: GPS:<43.2691596, 76.9313020>

We did not had experience in driving off road, but we managed everything without bigger difficulties. Sometimes of course we had too choose an other road, for example at the Ili Delta... But the experience and fun to drive off road are great :) you can also drive much faster that with a normal car.

So in 12 days we have been to:
Turgen Valley and Assy Plateau,
Sharyn Canyon, Termilik Canyon, Batamak Canyon,
Lake Tuzköl,
Kaindy Lake,
Altyn Emel Nationalpark (Aktau, Sand dune...)
Ili river, west side and east side

We reached all destinations by car as I mentioned above.

In a few weeks I will write my travel with GPS tags on my travelblog (in German) and post the link here (
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