Sypatai Batyr (Chaldybar) border crossing (Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan)

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Re: Sypatai Batyr (Chaldybar) border crossing (Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan)

Post by elgarteo95 »

Is there any public transport besides train that uses this border crossing? I'm planning to travel from Taraz to Bishkek in early January but the train arrives too late at night.
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Re: Sypatai Batyr (Chaldybar) border crossing (Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan)

Post by steven »

Good question, I don't know. Probably there is, but at what frequency is a mystery. Not a lot of travellers taking this route.
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Re: Sypatai Batyr (Chaldybar) border crossing (Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan)

Post by SHappe »

We entered Kyrgyzstan on this border on April 13 as part of the overnight bus from Tashkent. The bus was full of Uzbek, Kyrgyz, and Kazakh locals - we were the only tourists (Australian).

The bus arrived at the crossing at around 5.30am, and it was deserted. Leaving Kazakhstan was straight forward - the only trouble was that we were told over and over that we needed a visa. Australians don't - and once I managed to communicate that it was on the sheet they had pinned up on the wall, it was good. Entering Kyrgyzstan was very simple - the guard there spoke very basic English and was surprised to see Australians. All in all it took us about 15min, and the bus (and all 50 passengers) around 30min.

There are a bunch of exchange offices on the Kyrgyz side that were open and actually offered an amazing exchange rate (USD and EUR to Som were both better than we've seen anywhere in Bishkek), were honest and took no commission. The cafe type thing there does an okay coffee, and the toilets are free if you say you need to go and have no money.
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Re: Sypatai Batyr (Chaldybar) border crossing (Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan)

Post by kvw »

As a quick update on this border crossing, it is used by buses going from Bishkek to Tashkent (there are three of them every day) - they enter Kazakhstan here and then Uzbekistan at Zhibek Zholy crossing.

There were a couple of foreigners on the bus and on the Kazakh side of this crossing, one officer spotted us, took the two of us from the line after confirming we were tourists. He seemed helpful (he told us we need to fill another small piece of paper apart from the migration card which is indeed necessary as you show it to another officer outside), but after a minute asked me for a bribe for taking us through without a line. The whole situation, while stressful, seemed ridiculous, as by the time we got our papers filled, the line consisted of maybe 5 people, including 3 other foreigners, and the corrupted officer was looking nervously around and asking me "Are you going to give something?" again and again while I was so shocked that I started telling him I don't understand him. I took my passport and walked away.

Otherwise, no problems whatsoever, just the usual stuff like a bit of elbowing and scarcity of stamps on the Kyrgyz side.
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Re: Sypatai Batyr (Chaldybar) border crossing (Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan)

Post by AlbertoBoero »

We took a Marshrutka from Taraz to Biskek across this border. The border crossing went amazingly quick! They did not check or scan our bags, did not try to convince us we need a visa, no corruption or problems at all. We crossed it in 30 minutes, including money exchange at Kyrgyzstan side and a toilet visit:p

The Marshrutkas in Taraz leave from the main bus station in the north east of the city. Price is 1800. You buy it at the counter/Kassa. Try to pay exact, because they give change in 10cent coins (which they accepted at the money exchange though!).

Total journey was 4 hours 45 minutes.
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Re: Sypatai Batyr (Chaldybar) border crossing (Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan)

Post by Navi »

A few weeks ago I took the overnight bus from Shymkent to Bishkek and passed through this border. Border crossing on the Kazakh (exit) side took a while since my entire full-sized bus had to be processed, but no problems, not even any luggage checks. On the Kazakh side you have to fill in an extra form and hand it over to the guy outside between the Kazakh and Kyrgyz offices.

The bus leaves Shymkent daily from Samal bus station at 18:30 and is scheduled to arrive at Bishkek West bus station at 04:30 but I got there closer to 06:00. The bus is not the most comfortable so sleep could be scarce.
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