Kazakhstan Transit Visa on Arrival

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Kazakhstan Transit Visa on Arrival

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My name is Paul.
I am from Philippines and a Philippine passport holder.

This is just a question.

My flight from Tashkent to Bangkok has a 17hrs20mins layover in Astana.
I saw on the Air Astana and here on the Caravanistan website that a transit visa on arrival scheme is possible if I can present onward flight tickets to my destination.

May I get confirmation if this is possible for me?
I was thinking that I would rather get a few hours of sleep in a hostel in the city than wait it out for almost almost 18 hours in the airport.

I tried asking an agent on the Air Astana page but they are unsure of it too.

I hope I can get clarification about this.

Thank you so much.
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Re: Kazakhstan Transit Visa on Arrival

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Hi Paul,

I have to say reading my own article I began to doubt what it says. It is old info and I updated it. I would presume that it is not possible, but do let us know if it turns out to be possible in the end.
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Re: Kazakhstan Transit Visa on Arrival

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Hi Paul ,

dont count on getting transit visa Kazakhstan in airport. My friend has 20 hours layover in Almaty and immigration denied his visa transit application and just ask him to stay in transit hotel (there is in Almaty airport) . In the end he need to spend about 100 USD for overnight in Almaty transit hotel
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