Southern Kazakhstan best route

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Southern Kazakhstan best route

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I arrived in Kazakhstan 24hrs ago or so, and I’ll be around for almost 4 weeks, including about 1 week or more in Kyrgyzstan (wng, and more).

I think I’ll get back to Kazakhstan from Kyrgyzstan through talas/taraz (the other options is bishkek) and I plan to visit shimkent and turkistan, plus maybe Aralsk, anf then head back towards Almaty. I don’t plan to stop in Taraz unless needed as a stop for the night (I don’t think it’s worth stopping, right?).

What would be the most convenient and time saving way to travel along this route?

I mean: are there night trains for long distance, so I could save day time? Consider I’d see something on the way there, and something on the way back... so, for example, I could go from taraz to turkistan, from there to Aralsk (if confirmed), from arlsk back to shimkent, and from there to almaty. It seems the most reasonable way, but I didn’t check timetables etc.
What do you think?

I’m also hoping to meet somebody travelling on the same route maybe by car, and share costs...

PS: in case I stop somewhere during the day between two night trains, do you know if all stations have lockers and if these would be big enough to store a big backpack?

Thanks a lot!
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