Report: Posting car parts to Aktau, Kazakhstan via DHL

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Report: Posting car parts to Aktau, Kazakhstan via DHL

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For this page:

tl;dr DHL claimed it would take 3-4 days. Took about 12 days, including a public holiday. Customs process relatively easy as long as you press the right buttons.

First, order your package and get the waybill number. Here is the information you need to get it through customs: ... ndividuals

You need to email them:
- waybill number (in subject)
- a signed contract
- a declaration with a detail description of what you’re importing. Our package was delayed for an extra day because they wanted to know the make of the car. So, be very detailed to avoid delay!
- photocopies of your passport, entry stamp/visa, and the little piece of paper from the border.

They say you need to print and scan the documents but we added a digital signature with on Mac with no problems.

[email protected] on the website was a black hole. None of the phone numbers worked. But, we finally had success by emailing [email protected] who was very helpful (thanks Valaddin!). I’d suggest CCing [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] for maximum chance of success.

Once documents have been emailed, you need to pay a processing fee. On that website, you can register and pay the fee, using the waybill number as the reference.
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