Second hand / souvenir shopping in Bishkek

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Second hand / souvenir shopping in Bishkek

Post by shvedsky »

I found a few really cool gems and I guess there’s many more places, so keep them coming:

The flea market is a good start, it’s held each Sunday on Yunusaliev Avenue (42.8331560, 74.6217580) and the side streets. They apparently start pretty early (like 8-9?) and go on until it gets too hot at around noon. You can get your Soviet memorabilia here rather than at the fifth floor of TsUM for a fraction of the price.

In the same area but on the other side of Orto-Sai Bazaar lies at least three second hand stores specializing in imported unsold clothing from Korea and Europe. You can find some insanely cheap brand clothing, backpacks and official pokemon plushies (and the means to dress up as a K-pop idol). There’s two on Suyerkulov Street just outside the entrance to the bazaar, about here: (42.8356769, 74.6203243) and here: (42.8367502, 74.6183534). They’ve got big signs with “Second Hand” so they’re hard to miss.

On the other side of the block by Zhukeyeva-Pudovkina and Suyerkulov (42.8368267, 74.6149966) there’s the third which is bigger and more random. You can find incredible stuff very cheap for all ages and genders (especially since the Kyrgyz skips the most flamboyant stuff) but you have to be patient and bring lots of water because it’s hot in there, especially on the second floor.

Apparently there’s supposed to be a basement in TsUM where all the fun stuff takes place but I never went there. I’d love to hear some reports about it. Same thing with the Osh Bazaar, it’s supposed to have a part with second hand stuff and souvenirs. I could not find it, can anyone give the coordinates for it? Not like I’m going back to Bishkek anytime soon but it will be really helpful for others.
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Re: Second hand / souvenir shopping in Bishkek

Post by steven »

Some old notes I thought I'd share:

Tumar's felt slippers are a favourite for souvenirs, they are on the corner of Isanova and Kiev streets

I found 3 souvenir shops on Chuy between Ala-Too square and Osh bazaar:

Saima had the nicest collection, especially embroidery. Original stuff, better than Tumar, especially pricewise.
Epos had a typical selection of felt, statuettes, scarfs etc.
The one in between (forgot the name) had some fun antiques and felt.
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