Dog rescue or animal shelter?

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Dog rescue or animal shelter?

Post by Olget »

We found 2 stray puppies in Karakol. Does anybody have a clue if there is any option to get them rescued or to a shelter, before something bad happens to them, or they starve?

Our Google search hasn't found anything in Kyrgyzstan, the nearest animal shelter seems to be in Almaty. And while we probably could get them across the border, I have no clue how to get them there since we're travelling via public transport. I'm pretty sure locals wouldn't be very happy about us taking 2 puppies on a mashrutka.

Does anybody have any ideas? Cheers and thank you!
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Re: Dog rescue or animal shelter?

Post by Atkudabrat2 »

Tommorow is animal market in karakol
Bring the pups there and drop them there or find a Shepherd or horseman that could use them...good luck
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Re: Dog rescue or animal shelter?

Post by Phillyshu »

Did you have any luck with the stray dogs and the animal market? I saved a puppy that needs a good home.
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