Any festival after mid-August ?

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Any festival after mid-August ?

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Hello everyone,

I will fly to Kyrgyzstan on the 16th of August. All the festivals will be over then, but the flight tickets were too expensive before this date. Kirghizstan is relatively crowded from the beginning of July until mid-August.
I will console myself by trying to attend the World Nomad Games in Astana and also Do'mbira va qo'biz in Nukus in Uzbekistan, both events being held in September.

But is there a way to see traditional activities in Kirghizstan or even in Tajikistan in late August-early September ? (Yurt building, falconry and eagle hunting, traditional dances and food...)
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Re: Any festival after mid-August ?

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Marley59 wrote:
Mon May 27, 2024 5:47 am
Even though you’ll miss the major festivals in Kyrgyzstan by traveling after mid-August, you can still experience traditional activities. In Kyrgyzstan, look for yurt camps and cultural centers where you can see yurt building, traditional dances, and taste local cuisine. Falconry and eagle hunting demonstrations are often available through specialized tours. In Tajikistan, the Pamir region offers opportunities to see traditional crafts and performances. Local tour operators can arrange for these cultural experiences even outside of the peak festival season.
Thanks, and at least, I will avoid crowds.
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