Return flight ticket needed?

All about Kyrgyzstan.
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Return flight ticket needed?

Post by Sophia »

Hello, does someone know if you need a return flight ticket as an italian citizen for entering Kyrgyzstan?
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Re: Return flight ticket needed?

Post by sebhoff »

I don't know - but I can tell you (and many others will probably tell you the same thing) that I wasn't asked for proof of onward travel. I had a one-way ticket to Osh. This doesn't necessarily mean you officially don't need one, though. At least that's the situation with Kazakhstan, where there are also many people who have successfully flown to Almaty or other places and weren't asked for POOT. However, in the Timatic database used by airlines, it very unhelpfully says that you *may* be asked for POOT. So clearly, nobody knows. ;-)
It might be interesting to hear from someone who has access to the commercial Timatic database what it says about Kyrgyzstan.
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Re: Return flight ticket needed?

Post by Tasurinchi »

I crossed from China to Kyrgyzstan thru the Irkeshtam pass on June 6th and was asked zero questions about a return ticket (CH passport)
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