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Which route to take in Kirgistan?

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 8:58 am
by armi94
Me and my girlfriend plan a 6 day organized tour/stay in Kirgistan from Osh to Tash-Rabat (around 27. Aug - 2. Sept). We have two routes to choose from:

- Jalal-Abad - Kazarman - Song-Kol or
- Jalal-Abad - Kyzil-Oi - Song Kol

Which of the two is more scenic? Any other comments regarding the two routes (e.g., very dangerous road)?

Some background: We do not put much weight on comfort and we look mainly for beautiful landscapes and traditional living (I know, sounds generic ;)). Moreover, we are aware about the possibility to do a day trip from Kazarman to an UNESCO heritage site, but as far as I am aware, we are already to late for that. We are happy about any suggestions for nice sights along one of the two routes.

Re: Which route to take in Kirgistan?

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:32 am
by steven
Both are very scenic routes. The road over Kazarman is very bumpy, but you are sure to be the only foreigners there. There are no 'sights' along the road. The main thing is the landscape, which is very scenic either way. I took the road to Kazarman just last week, I can recommend it if you don't mind being thrown around in the car a bit. It is definitely the most adventurous route, and you cross some scenic passes and will pass many yurts which have not seen tourists as much as around Song Kol. I haven't done the Kizil-Oi route myself yet but have heard it is scenic as well, and you are likely to pass many yurts too. The road will be better in any case. Hope that helps!