Trekking to Song Kul Lake?

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Trekking to Song Kul Lake?

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has anybody any experience/tips in trekking without a guide from Kochkor to Song Kul lake through Kyzart pass? Is the direction straightforward or is it somehow easy to get lost?
Also, is it possible to rent out hiking gear directly in Kochkor?
Thank you very much!!! Chiara
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Re: Kochkor to Song Kul Lake: Trekking solo

Post by bwv812 »

Someone here did it recently. Not much details in his blog, but you could ask him.

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Re: Kochkor to Song Kul Lake: Trekking solo

Post by Julia »


Can't estimate how easy to get lost there. It depends on how you're prepared, the weather conditions, some luck.
I think if you don't use a map or navigation app and only rely on a visible path than you can get lost.
It's not always clear where to go, where to cross the river.

In addition, there are a few treks.
The person mentioned above hiked through Ozbek pass (if I understood correctly).
It's a long tough hike for those who hike. Usually horse riders take that trek.
For those who go on foot the most popular trek is the one through Chaar-Archa and Jalgyz Karagay passes. It starts from Kyzart pass. And then goes through these two passes.

If you install a navigation app and properly use it than you won't get lost.
For instance, OsmAnd app shows the trek I mentioned.
Here's that trek on the map ... l-19461842

The trek takes 2-3 days.
To get to the beginning of the trek hire a driver to Kyzart from Kochkor. It doesn't seem worth hiking along the road from Kochkor to Kyzart.

Note, the information is from reports I read.
I haven't done that trek. But I did other treks in Kyrgyzstan without a guide. I like OsmAnd app for navigation, especially if can find and download a gps trek.
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Re: Kochkor to Song Kul Lake: Trekking solo

Post by chiarac »

thank you very much !!!
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