How to get to Kyrgyz-Ata national park by yourself from Osh

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How to get to Kyrgyz-Ata national park by yourself from Osh

Post by shvedsky »

I was just thinking of how lucky I am to have other people’s experiences written down so I don’t have to experience the bad parts. So... for some reason no one have written a guide about actually getting to Kyrgyz-Ata National Park by yourself.

1. Forget the name Kyrgyz-Ata, this is a small community before the national park and no one knows about the national park.

2. Where you’re going is Kalday (40.0573310, 72.5985870), about 30 km of very bad gravel road south of Kyrgyz-Ata.

3. If you want to go there without renting a driver for the whole day it’s easiest to go to Nookat from Osh (200 som according to locals for a whole car). Takes about 50 minutes or so. Goes from the western taxi station (that’s what people called it anyway), it’s not really a station though.

4. From Nookat, get a driver who’s up to the task of going to Kalday. I actually don’t what a fair price is, it takes about an hour from Nookat and it takes a skilled driver to not make it extremely bumpy. Get the number for the driver to have a way back, the problem is you might not have any cell connection though, O! didn’t work but I saw others with cellphones up there so...

5. We saw masthruskas going up there but I don’t have any info on them. Ask around in Nookat.

6. There’s tons of yurts for rent up there, so if you want to stay over night it shouldn’t be a problem, you can probably find some grilled meat to eat if you like.

7. Finding a way back shouldn’t be a problem if you’re alone or a couple, if you’re a group then you might need to plan ahead. There are cars coming and leaving often, so you can hitch a ride with one of them back, but sitting in the back of a pickup on a dusty and bumpy road in the sun might sound fun for a while but for the almost an hour that it takes?

8. The entrance to the park is 130 som, not sure if he ripped us off since it said something about 30 som on the sign but the guy was friendly and spoke English (!)

We never went for a hike so I don’t know anything about that ;)
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Re: How to get to Kyrgyz-Ata national park by yourself from Osh

Post by steven »

Thanks, Shvedsky. Let's all keep paying it forward! It's the fuel this website runs on.
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