Unpleasant experience with police in Osh

All about Kyrgyzstan.
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Unpleasant experience with police in Osh

Post by kvint3 »

Hello everyone.

I would like to inform you about very unpleasant experience with police we had this month in Osh.

Me and my friend were coming to Kyrgyzstan from Uzbekistan, wanted to have a little rest in Osh, plan our next two weeks in Kyrgyzstan. On August the 14th we took a walk around the city. We stopped at the big square for a while and took some pictures of Lenin statue. My friend was standing on a small parapet, where a national Kyrgyz emblem was placed cca 5 meters away of him. There was a police car with two officers near the square. Suddenly one of them was approaching us and asked "why are you standing on the national emblem of Kyrgyzstan? Why are you violating the law and humiliating our people and country?" Then he asked for our passports, which we left in our guesthouse as long as we were told it is not needed to carry our passports always with us, unlike in Uzbekistan for example.

Then they took us to the police station, where we spent 3 hours...they threatened us to arrest us for a few days, then to deport us immediately home unless we pay the penalty 300 USD. They aimed their guns on us, we were forced to state our confession of violating the Kyrgyz law which they recorded on their cell phones, we were also forced to write the confession and sign it. It was impossible to speak english with them, we speak and understand a little russian so some communication was possible. The problem was that our cell phone was dead and we had no other option to call an embassy for example.

Finally we were forced to give them all our cash we had, which was almost 300 USD. They gave us around 400 kyrgyz soms back for food. They made more simmilar humiliating gestures during our stay at the station like this. At the end, they drove us around the city to took some more money from ATMs. So we had to give them 1000 soms more, because they said their sallary is very small.

They were also reminding us all the time to keep silent about this. Also when we gave them the last thousand soms in car, they closed the windows saying "other people can't see that foreigners are giving money to officers..."

Then they drove us near our guest house saying "here you are. be very thankful that we didn't arrest you and drove you back home...we are helping people."

When we told this story to landlady of the guest house next day, she told us this was happening from time to time...there was one Japanesse guy who wanted to do some business in Kyrgyzstan, officers also took him to the station and he was forced to give him 2000 USD.

Well, after this we had some great time at Arslanbob, Song kul, Issyk Kul and Bishkek as well. The southwest of Kyrgyzstan is rather an unstable region as we were told, so my suggestion would be to spent only necessary time in Osh and move towards your next goal.

Take care.

P.S.: I attach the picture we took at the Lenin statue.
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Re: Unpleasant experience with police in Osh

Post by steven »

Thank you for this important report. They were clearly waiting for you.
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Re: Unpleasant experience with police in Osh

Post by Crazydre »

Arseholes. I would rather let them deport me with a lifetime ban than bribe them 300 freaking dollars!!!
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Re: Unpleasant experience with police in Osh

Post by arturowing »

unpleasant? horrible!! what is the alternative? being strong and may mention the name of your "friend" the ambassador of your country? could this be a good idea? anyway, also travelling in south america, in some places, I googled before the name of the mayor or other not such common names for a tourist, to use it just in case. The officer could never be shure if you are liyng or saying the truth...
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Re: Unpleasant experience with police in Osh

Post by cristiano »

I'm sorry for you, guys.
Unfortunately, some corrupted officer still exist in Central Asia.

My suggestion is to never believe persons in uniforms: pretending not to speak a single word in russian, remaining in crowded places and not following them even if ordered to do it, usually works.
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