Sary Tash guesthouse reviews

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Sary Tash guesthouse reviews

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While staying at ELIZA GUESTHOUSE in Sary Tash, the family running the place stole all my US dollars (enough to get me overland to Turkey) from my unlockable room.

They gave it back to me after I threatened to make trouble for them if it didn't turn up.

Consequently, I would like to warn others that this place is insecure, unsafe and untrustworthy. It is easily identified by yellow signs near the petrol station at the main intersection in town. Avoid it if you can.

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Re: WARNING: Sary Tash dodgy guesthouse

Post by Tsikoudia »

Bad experience and thanks for the warning.

But you leaft that amount of $ in your room, unattended?

My stash never leaves my side.
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Re: Sary Tash guesthouse reviews

Post by steven »

Here are 2 more reviews I have gathered from different places, fyi:

Sary Tash Guest house

There are a few accommodation options, which we considered and settled for the Sary Tash Guest House. We paid 600 KGS for dinner, bed and breakfast in our own room, which was very comfortable. There was no running water, but the outside toilet was clean and relatively sweet-smelling.  After dinner, a haystack was delivered over the fence blocking access to the toilet, though that was cleared by morning!

Hotel Anita

I spent the night in the guest house closest to the road, Hotel Anita, for which I was quoted 600c. for dinner, a bed, breakfast, and a shower. For a litany of reasons I paid 500c. upon departure and I would suggest staying at one the other guesthouses.
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Re: Sary Tash guesthouse reviews

Post by AreWeThereYet? »

I’d really recommend Pamirextreme guesthouse. It’s the last house in the village as you go south on the China road.

Why? Well, it has: hot water, decent wi-fi, good food and a great host in Shamurat. Price is $20/night for a bed including breakfast and dinner, both good.
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Re: Sary Tash guesthouse reviews

Post by murg »

Stayed at Pamirextreme this May.
Nice place - great host.
Can confirm everything said.
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