Kyrgyzstan Horse trekking info for big group (and maybe Kazakhstan)

All about Kyrgyzstan.
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Kyrgyzstan Horse trekking info for big group (and maybe Kazakhstan)

Post by Trystan.Thornton »

Hi there, I was in Kyrgyzstan last Christmas and fell in love with the beauty the country had to offer. I though it would be absolutely awesome to do some horse trekking there and have told plenty of friends of mine who are also very keen to possibly do so.

I've just started some research as we will be looking to possibly do it next summer so I was wondering whether I could ask some questions.

-I've currently seen prices for a 4 day Horseback Riding to Song Kol Lake and think this is ideal for sometime in July 2018. What is the process of booking for a big group and time of year? I reckon 10 people maybe more. Can we have further information on this?
-Would this be suitable for novice riders? I myself have only really ridden once but caught on very quickly but others would be in a similar situation.
-My dad lives in Almaty and I was wondering whether you could trek from there to Lake Issyk Kul to then enjoy it there in the summer?
-Do you have similar cost breakdowns for Kazakhstan horse treks?

Do you have any leaflets or brochures that show all this in detail so I can share?

Any help would be excellent. Thanks,

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Re: Kyrgyzstan Horse trekking info for big group (and maybe Kazakhstan)

Post by steven »

Hi Trystan,

sounds like a great idea! To answer you shortly:

1. The process for booking is rather simple. Either fill in the form on the page where you saw the tour, or fill in the form at Advantage with the custom tour is that we send it off to a few different tour operators we think would be right for the job, so you can compare. And you get to say exactly what you want, how, when etc.

With a group of 10 you are also going to get a really good price.

2. Yes. Make sure the tour operator knows about the different levels of riders. They can adjust.

3. No, not possible at the moment. Work has begun on re-opening the old cross-border mountain routes, but it is still a few years off. It would be hiking only, anyway, not horse riding. Focus on Kyrgyzstan.

4. Horse riding in Kazakhstan is not well-developed at all. We cannot offer you a good tour there yet. It's crazy, but that is the way it is for now. Focus on Kyrgyzstan.
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