Rent/repair motorbike osh

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Rent/repair motorbike osh

Post by Enzo »

...if anyone needs repair of a motorbike in osh just search for 'muztoo osh' in google maps.
They are friendly, english, german and russian speaking mechanics, have some parts incl. Tyres for small yamaha and tenere and offer you also to work on your bike by yourself in their shop.
BUT BE AWARE that they will charge you $10 per hour if you are working on your bike there - if you do not use the help of their mechanics and eaven don't use their tools! :o No discussion possible, then it gets unfriendly... :( (1h work of a local mechanic cost you about $2-5... just as comparison.)
(Had my own tools they offered me very friendly to use the place and spoked about a 'tip' but at the end... if I would have known that before i would have done my work somewhere on the road!)
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Re: Rent/repair motorbike osh

Post by ZorroMoto »

There is now a new set-up in Osh with another option. 🙂
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Re: Rent/repair motorbike osh

Post by Georgelik »

Hi Enzo.
Sorry to hear you had an "unfriendly" experience in our workshop. We do our best to explain our prices when people arrive, but sometimes it gets busy and some slip through the net. Our $10 an hour for working on your own bike is the price set by our Swiss office and to be honest we very rarely charge this. We're quite flexible and are mostly interested in getting you on the road again and for you to leave smiling. Most guys are very happy to find a nice shady spot to work, with tools and expertise on hand should they need it. We look forward to welcoming plenty more fellow bikers to our motorcycle oasis.
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Re: Rent/repair motorbike osh

Post by Christopher »

Hello George - can you recommend a workshop in Osh for 4WD (Land Rover Discovery 1997 model)?
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