CBT / homestay choices

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CBT / homestay choices

Post by stevesayskanpai »

Hi Steven (and others),

I've enjoyed reading the Kyrgyzstan articles on this website, which often make reference to the CBT / homestay accommodation options in different areas.

I was wondering how you would go about choosing between different CBT options (or get recommendations on which ones are best), and whether they can also help out with transport?

Many thanks
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Re: CBT / homestay choices

Post by TomasS »

Of course they can help, but i wouldnt take a lot of cares with choices, quality is really similar. Somewhere they will show you pictures, just pick one.
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Re: CBT / homestay choices

Post by steven »

Yea, it's really tricky to say where is good, where is not. There is no CBT homestay review system. CBT coordinators are likely to push you towards their own house or that of their relatives, that is one thing to keep in mind. Every CBT is different and it really depends on the person in charge what the quality of service is. Difficult to make blanket statements, things also change very quickly.
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