Biking Kyrgyzstan:finding a bike set up in Bishkek

All about Kyrgyzstan.
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Biking Kyrgyzstan:finding a bike set up in Bishkek

Post by Nmakepeace »

Hello all my name is Natalie from Canada.

I apologize this message is broad but I am looking for direction on getting a bike in Bishkek or elsewhere.

I have never done a long tour like this and worried it's a recipe for disaster but at the same time think I have a great opportunity to try it.

(plan is Bishkek to songkol via ether tokmok or suusamyr, tokmok looks hard but pretty and then ether down to naryn or karakol).

I am planning this last minute because originally I was just going to hike but there is still a lot of snow on the passes so because I have time I will wait for later in July.

The main question here is where to get a set up. I see many mountain bikes for sale on Lalafo but no accessories like panniers and racks. Buying everything new sounds expensive. Does anyone have guidance on this? I can buy here in Bishkek or karakol, karakol would be preferred but I doubt it will have a selection.

Second question is how many spare parts and tools have people taken with them for biking in Kyrgyzstan?

Thirdly (and finally) is a question about hiking and biking. Is it possible to tour with your hiking stuff as well or should I do the trips separately (for hiking I need my backpack, boots, gators, poles ext. That I don't need for biking). With that said it sounds like I need to do two separate trips but that's not efficient.

Okay sorry for the long post. Any help would be appreciated because I am having a hard time making up my mind. There is not a lot of English in the bike shops :s
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Re: Biking Kyrgyzstan:finding a bike set up in Bishkek

Post by steven »

1. Try Gergert sport, but otherwise it will have to be Taobao or Aliexpress I guess.

2. That really depends. If you are just going to cycle around KG I don't think you need to have your own chain tool. Just the basics will do for you.

3. Why not? This would actually solve your problem with the panniers, if you invent a set-up where you tie your backpack to the back of your bike rather than using panniers. A friend of mine who is a big hiker in Georgia fell in love with a Hungarian cycle-girl and did exactly that. They are on their way to Kyrgyzstan right now.
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