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Kyrgyzstan for vegetarians/vegans

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 2:32 am
by steven
Please post your tips for vegetarian/vegan food and restaurants in Kyrgyzstan below!

We summarize all information on the Silk Road food page.

Re: Kyrgyzstan for vegetarians/vegans

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2020 3:37 am
by tr8lina
I am in Bishkek for almost 3 weeks and all the places my colleagues brought me to for lunch have several vegetarian dishes.
Be careful, chicken is not considered meat in Kyrgyzstan :D so always ask for food biez miasa and biez kuritza

- Fakir:
Bliny, fried eggs, vinagrette salad, grilled mushrooms, fried and boiled vegetables, rice with spinach, Djusai codjidan (джусай соджидан), other salads

- Kaganat:
Vereniki with potatoes, fried eggs, vinagrette salad, mushroom a la russe salad, other salads

- Ramen House:
They have sushi with cucumber and sushi with seaweed, omelette, fried potatoes

- Bublik:
They have 3 points in the city. Several veggie dishes like bagels, pasta, hummus, salads. Delicious tea. Desserts

- Testo Mesto:
Vareniki with cherries, mushroom, potatoes. Manti (Dim Sum) with pumpkin. Several types of mors. They have English menu as well.

- Pielmennaia:
Vareniki with potatoes, mushrooms and potatoes, tvorog, etc..

- Vkus Vostoka:
Lot of salads (carrot, beetroot, cabbage, mushrooms), bliny, fried eggs

- Chateau de France:
Pizza, salads, pasta, soups (be careful, some soups marked as vegetarian contain chicken)

- A Chinese restaurant not exactly marked on the map, but it is here approximately:
Tons of dishes with vegetables, tofu, several salads.

- Khachapuri place inside the GUM at the 5th floor:

- My favorite patisserie: Kulikovski (Куликовский), there are around 30 branches around Bishkek